Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 complete breakdown

Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 complete breakdown

The Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 has been an exciting journey that continued seamlessly after the first chapter. It has provided a clearer look into the main protagonist Chihiro Rokuhira and his past. Moreover, it reveals the true nature of his being and of his motivations, the ones that led him to be a revengeful protagonist. In this article, we will provide a complete breakdown of the Kagurabachi manga chapter 2 and also make an attempt to examine the characters of Chihiro and Shiba.

Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2: basic information and first looks

The Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 was released in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue 43 on September 25, 2023. The chapter has been titled Heaps and it commenced with Shiba releasing the person from the anti-Korogumi group that they had rescued in the first chapter. It has been a heartbreaking chapter that has received a lot of critical acclaim and stands tall as one that upheld the status of the manga’s popularity.

Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 complete breakdown
Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2(Image credit goes to Viz Media)
  • The basic premise of the chapter focuses on the unnamed person thanking Shiba and revealing his name. Moreover, Chihiro on the other hand pointed his Katana at the leader of the Korogumi group, the Yakuza boss.
  • He also made the declaration that he was obliged to cut down the sorcerer organization that he was after despite their humongous and unprecedented strength.

Kagurabachi Manga Chapter 2 Complete breakdown

After the initial encounter with the Korogumi leader, Shiba joins Chihiro and threatens the former. Moreover, the sorcerer group they were after is named Hishaku. The Hishaku group emerged four years ago in the ongoing timeline and is a small group of elite sorcerers. Chihiro goes on to ask the Yakuza boss about every little detail in the coldest possible manner!

Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 complete breakdown
Chihiro’s House in Kagurabachi (Image credit goes to Viz Media)
  • The Yakuza boss’ body quickly deformed and he turned into a tree-like structure.
  • Chihiro commanded Shiba to run away with the rescued person, and the latter used his teleportation sorcery to evade outside.
  • The person was shocked and he confessed that he had never witnessed sorcery of this manner before, as the big shots in the sorcery world lived in the big cities and the countryside rarely experienced this menace.

Shiba returns to aid Chihiro and finds him in a sound condition, and the latter starts explaining that the transformation came as an outcome of the story the Yakuza boss was about to narrate. This might’ve been a result of a spell that was activated as soon as the secrets were intended to be let out. After their business was done, Shiba headed back to Tokyo and Chihiro decided to join him. Chihiro had also become surprisingly stronger than he was three years ago, but he still hadn’t unlocked the staggering potential of his enchanted blade.

Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2: Chihiro’s past and his father’s swordsmanship

Chapter 2 of Kagurabachi manga goes into a flashback to introduce Chihiro’s past. His house was protected by a magic barrier and it was meant to alert Shiba about the incoming threats. When one day he sensed a threat, he went to find out only to find Chihiro’s house destroyed. He saw the young boy holding his father’s lifeless body and it was revealed that three sorcerers attacked them.

Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 complete breakdown
Chihiro and his enchanted blade (Image credit goes to Shueisha)
  • It was further revealed that Chihiro’s father, Kunishige Rokuhira, forged six enchanted katanas and left them for the world.
  • After the great war, those were retrieved and kept in his cellar, each blade containing a special power.
  • Those katanas could only be used by the bearer’s outlook of the world and Kunishige wished that he and his son would learn it together.

Chihiro vowed revenge on those killers who robbed him of his family and those blades and it was revealed that his blade was the seventh enchanted blade that his father made after the war. After this incident, there hasn’t been any suitable source that gives any intel on the Hishaku group and Chihiro knew that those blades were being used for sinister purposes. Thus, he also vowed to retrieve those blades and the chapter ends with Shiba finding a hopeful lead.


Kagurabachi manga Chapter 2 covers the past and the present in a very intricate manner. Chihiro has vowed to retrieve his father’s blades, and the chapter ends with this journey of the young boy trying to resolve the tragedies of his past to build a future grounded on his ideals of peace and resolution.

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