Kagurabachi manga dethrones Oshi no Ko and MHA – but how?

Kagurabachi manga dethrones Oshi no Ko and MHA - but how

Kagurabachi manga has created a lot of sensational news across the anime community. It has successfully emerged as one of the top ongoing mangas and has been quickly rising the ladder of popularity. Moreover, even before its release, the manga already managed to capture hearts through the visuals of Chihiro, and now that it has finally released two chapters, the excitement is more than ever when it comes to fans’ anticipation regarding the upcoming plot.

Kagurabachi manga and its rising popularity

Kagurabachi manga dethrones Oshi no Ko and MHA - but how
Kagurabachi manga (Image credit goes to Viz)


Kagurabachi was written by Takeru Hokazono and it has quickly gained popularity in the manga community. Shuiesha announced it as a part of the JUMP NEXTWAVE project, and the manga quickly climbed the ladder among the top-rated titles of the ‘Hottest’ manga section in MangaPlus. The manga has already dethroned Oshi no Ko and My Hero Academia, making it the fifth highest-grossing manga in MangaPlus.

  • The craze for this plot has been primarily due to its storyline and illustration, something which has not only been elaborately designed but also offers a detailed narration of the tale.
  • The manga holds the potential to become the next big thing in the industry and it has been speculated by fans and critics alike.
  • Moreover, the character of Chihiro has been compared with Zorro from One Piece and Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, among others.

What is the plot of the Kagurabachi manga?

Kagurabachi manga dethrones Oshi no Ko and MHA - but how
Kagurabachi manga chapter 2. (Image credit goes to Viz)

Kagurabachi manga is basically a sword-fighting battle shonen that features a revenge story. There is an undertone of trauma and violence in the plot, and it is clearly visible in the motivations and mannerisms of the main characters. Chihiro Rokuhira also has a very gravitating personality and sets out to avenge his father’s death against the Hishaku group.

  • It is also very violent due to its form of building. Blood is an omnipresent element throughout the plot and it has been aggressively and brutally designed to portray the tragedies of the main character Chihiro.
  • It approaches the battle shonen genre in a new manner and the mysteries which are underlying the metanarrative are truly crafted in a very detailed and deliberate manner.

How has the Kagurabachi manga gained such immense popularity?

Kagurabachi manga dethrones Oshi no Ko and MHA - but how
Kagurabachi chapter 2 finale. (Image credit goes to Viz)

As part of Shueisha’s JUMP NEXTWAVE Project, Kagurabachi was meant to surpass the new gen manga such as MHA, Oshi no Ko, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more. It was supposed to establish a replacement for the old order and bring something new and worthwhile to the table. It has all the elements of a Shonen plot, starting from the impressive characters to the decent art and illustrations. Moreover, the power system which has been referred to in the manga is simply commendable in its structuring.

  • The protagonist of Kagurabachi is also brilliant and Chihiro is a character who is broken and hopeful, a sign of a classical tragic shonen hero.
  • The recently released second chapter resulted in its rise to the fifth position, only remaining behind One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Boruto: Two Blue Vortex.
  • The second chapter of the Kagurabachi manga also reveals a lot of the protagonist’s past and this leaves us in a state of suspense and mystery building through assumptions.


The rising popularity of Kagurabachi manga in the Hottest manga in MangaPlus has been an indicator that the fans are finally looking for a replacement for the new-gen manga through an incoming of the new and refined. This makes us hopeful of a cause that is meant to offer a suitable replacement in the manga community, a story that can hold the burden of its predecessors and their popularity among the community.

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