One Punch Man Chapter 184 ‘Scout’ Spoilers: Hero Association may have a rival

Exploring One Punch Man Chapter 184: Scout

One Punch Man Chapter 184 was released on May 4, 2023, amidst the vital crux of the Neo Heroes Introduction Arc. It’s an important connecting chapter as it marks the end of one arc, the introduction of a new hero organization, and the setup for the next arc. Let’s break down the events in this chapter-

One Punch Man Chapter 184: Is There a New Organization in the Picture?

The Hero Association approaches Tatsumaki to do a commercial for recruiting new heroes. She is initially reluctant, but she eventually agrees after remembering Saitama’s words about how even weaklings can be heroes.

Exploring One Punch Man Chapter 184: Scout
Tatsumaki | Image courtesy of Madhouse

Tatsumaki goes to the Hero Association headquarters to film the commercial. She is given a script to read, but she decides to ad-lib instead. She gives a passionate speech about the importance of being a hero, and she even uses her powers to create a small tornado on set.

The final product of the commercial is a success. It is flashy and exciting, and it captures the attention of potential new heroes. Meanwhile, recruiters from a new hero organization called the Neo Heroes approach a group of vigilantes.

The Neo Heroes are led by a mysterious figure known as Blue. They offer the vigilantes a place in their organization, and the vigilantes agree.

Exploring One Punch Man Chapter 184: Scout
Chapter 184 | Image via VIZ

Genos is also approached by the Neo Heroes. The Neo Heroes is a new organization that is trying to challenge the Hero Association and looks like they succeeding as they are quickly gaining popularity, and they are a threat to the Hero Association’s dominance.

Last Chapter Recap

The chapter begins with Saitama returning home after his fight with Tatsumaki. He finds that his clothes are in tatters, so he decides to go shopping for new ones. While he is out shopping, Fubuki and her group of A-Class heroes arrive at the Hero Association headquarters. They are there to rescue Psykos, who was taken prisoner by Tatsumaki.

Exploring One Punch Man Chapter 184: Scout
Hero Association headquarters | Image courtesy of Madhouse

Fubuki and her group sneak into the Hero Association headquarters and find Psykos. They manage to escape with her, but they are pursued by Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki catches up to Fubuki and her group, but she is unable to stop them from escaping. Fubuki and her group take Psykos to their hideout, where they plan to use her to their advantage.

Exploring One Punch Man Chapter 184: Scout
Fubuki | Image courtesy of Madhouse

Meanwhile, the Hero Association is in chaos. The headquarters has been destroyed, and many heroes have been injured or killed. The Hero Association is facing a public relations nightmare, and they are scrambling to figure out how to handle the situation.

The chapter ends with a news report about the events that have transpired. The report claims that Tatsumaki defeated a group of demon-level monsters and that she saved the Hero Association from a major disaster. However, the report also mentions that Tatsumaki caused significant damage to the headquarters and that she is being investigated by the Hero Association for her actions.

What to Expect from Chapter 185

Chapter 185 of One Punch Man is expected to be released on June 1, 2023. The chapter will likely pick up where the previous chapter left off, with Tatsumaki confronting the Hero Association executives. It is unclear what will happen next, but it is clear that the Hero Association is in for a rough time.

One Punch Man Chapter 184 set the precedent for the dawn of a new force of heroes that will spread a reckoning to the rest of their competitions and turn the story around. You can read the translated manga at VIZ to stay up to date.

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