My Hero Academia Manga to take a break?

My Hero Academia Manga to take a break

My Hero Academia is a manga that has been written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga has been under serialization since 2014, and it has made a huge audience for itself. My Hero Academia’s serialization and the ending are solely dependent on the manga but the recent delays and breaks have put the fans in a state of concern.

Why has My Hero Academia Manga started taking breaks?

The creator of My Hero Academia Kohei Horikoshi has given birth to a story that has claimed a spot for itself among the top Shonen anime of all time. The sparkle of the story lies centrally in the presentation of the characters, but while this may significantly attract readers and viewers it also becomes a tough act to navigate through and deliver.

My Hero Academia Manga to take a break
Boku no Hero Academia manga. (Image credits Viz Media)
  • The creators therefore need breaks during production and over the last many weeks, this has been the reason which was stated officially.
  • But recent speculations point towards a possible link between these breaks with the deteriorating health of the creator Kohei Horikoshi.
  • Most manga creators face an issue of health at some point in their lives. This is centrally due to their work ethic and their constant involvement with such a laborious activity.

Kohei Horikoshi: is the Mangaka going to recover anytime soon?

My Hero Academia Manga to take a break
Boku no Hero Academia manga. (Image credits Viz Media)

Kohei Horikoshi has earlier postponed the release of My Hero Academia a few times on short notice. But all of those delays were covered with the reason of production hazards and challenges. This is however the first time when he has officially made an announcement to take a week-long break for his recovery.

  • After the release of Chapter 390, it was announced that the manga won’t be released in the subsequent week, i.e. Monday 12th of June and the next release would be followed on the week next.
  • Kohei Horikoshi has declining health, and like any other manga creator, his health issues are also related to his work ethic.

How long will this break be?

Fans are also speculating that a lot of the earlier breaks might’ve been due to the same reason and now they want him to take a longer break and return to finish the manga.

The fans are worried about Kohei Horikoshi’s health and many have stated on various platforms that they would like him to opt for a full-fledged recovery and not compromise on his health.

Would Kohei Horikoshi be able to finish the manga?

The manga of My Hero Academia is a guide for the anime. What happens to the anime and how it ends is solely dependent on how the manga ends. If Kohei Horikoshi doesn’t finish the manga well it might also result in an abrupt end to the anime. This would seriously affect the reputation of the anime.

My Hero Academia Manga to take a break
Boku no Hero Academia manga. (Image credits Viz Media)

Fans want Hirokoshi to take a decent break to recover and return, for only then it would be possible for him to finally end My Hero Academia with a strong after-shade. While it has been predicted that the manga might soon come to a conclusion due to the creator’s ailing health, it is also necessary that the fanbase should allow Horikoshi to return after a proper period of recovery.


My Hero Academia manga is taking a short break for now, but in the recent future, these might be extended and might continue for prolonged periods. While fans would want their favorite story to be delivered and continued, it is also necessary to remember that the creation of art in itself needs time and concentration, and this is not possible with an industrial work ethic.

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