New manga by the author of Fruits Basket: Everything you need to know about it!

Natsuki Takaya's manga

Fruits Basket remains an unparalleled experience for any Shojo fan. It has everything from great characters, a well-written story, and most importantly a complete anime adaptation. To the pleasure of fans, we’ll be getting a new manga by the author of Fruits Basket. The person behind this beloved ani-manga series is none other than Natsuki Takaya.

There’s a pattern that Natsuki Takaya follows with her works where she displays both the tragic and beautiful parts of life with the same vigor. Her stories are always planned out well and if you go through her manga again after finishing it once, you notice all the hints she has dropped along the way. This makes the new manga something to look forward to and here’s everything you need to know about it!

In Such a Small World manga – What is it about?

New manga by the author of Fruits Basket
Sui and Kaoru from In Such a Small World | Image Courtesy of Hakusensha

The new manga by Natsuki Takaya is titled ‘In Such a Small World‘ or ‘In a world so small’. The manga revolves around Sui Onodera and Kaoru Seto.

One day Kaoru’s dog ends up on his neighbor’s balcony. He barges into his neighbor’s house. This leads him to the neighbor, Sui Onodera, and the two main characters get introduced to one another. It’s safe to assume that In Such a Small World is a romance between neighbors.

In Such a Small World
A glimpse from the prologue chapter of In Such a Small World | Image Courtesy of Hakusensha

The art style of the manga looks beautiful and clean. Sui seems more innocent and cute while Kaoru is similar to the cool Shojo main characters. The first chapter made its way to fans on September 4th, 2023 on the Manga Park website by Hakusensha.

The prologue and the first chapter are already out. Currently, they are only available in Japanese. The manga will follow a weekly schedule with new chapters coming out every Monday. 

Natsuki Takaya and her other works

Fruits Basket
A still from Fruits Basket featuring Tohru, Kyo, and Shigure | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Besides Fruits Basket, Natsuki Takaya is also the author of Twinkle Stars and Tsubasa: Those with Wings. Her most recent work is the manga titled Liselotte and Witch’s Forest. It started in 2011 and went on a hiatus in 2013. There haven’t been any updates since then. Hopefully, that won’t be the case with the new manga. 

After Liselotte and the Witch’s Forest, the mangaka also worked on some Fruits Basket spin-offs and now finally we have ‘In Such a Small World’ coming up. The author is returning with a new manga after 10 years. 


In Such a Small World manga
A panel from In Such a Small World manga | Image Courtesy of Hakusensha

Fruits Basket has already broken the Shojo curse by having a complete and faithful anime adaption. There’s not much information about the new manga. But with the bits we have got, despite sounding simple the story holds limitless potential to blossom into a pleasing romance. The characters are also beautiful to look at. The story piques interest and we have a lot of questions about the characters, the plot, and especially the romance. 

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