Ottoman Manga – What is it about?

Ottoman Manga - What is it about?

Ottoman, a manga series written and illustrated by Shinnosuke Kanazawa, offers a unique blend of love, superhero action, and a dash of sci-fi intrigue. Published in Weekly Young Jump, this relatively new series has already made an impact with its fresh take on familiar tropes.

What is Ottoman Manga?

A still from Ottoman Manga
A still from Ottoman Manga (Image via Young Jump)

Ottoman Manga is a science fiction action manga that follows the story of Souya, a mild-mannered office worker who becomes the titular hero, Ottoman, after being parasitized by an alien. Ottoman must use his newfound superpowers to protect his wife, Yuuka, and the Earth from an alien invasion.

The plot

A still from Ottoman Manga
A still from Ottoman Manga (Image via Young Jump)

The story begins with Souya heading home from work one day when he is involved in a car accident. He wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the accident, but he soon discovers that he has been parasitized by an alien. The alien gives Souya superpowers, including superhuman strength, speed, and agility.

Souya initially tries to keep his powers a secret, but he is forced to reveal them when Yuuka is attacked by aliens. Souya defeats the aliens, but he realizes that he must become a hero to protect his wife and the Earth.

At first glance, this premise might appear to follow well-trodden paths of generic manga and anime tropes. Yet, Ottoman manages to distinguish itself by taking this concept to the extreme, making it intriguing rather than trite.

The characters

A still from Ottoman Manga
A still from Ottoman Manga (Image via Young Jump)
  • Souya: Souya is a mild-mannered office worker who becomes the titular hero, Ottoman. He is a loving husband and a loyal friend. He is also a brave and courageous hero who is willing to fight for what is right.
  • Yuuka: Yuuka is Souya’s wife. She is a kind and supportive woman who always believes in her husband. She is also a strong and independent woman who can take care of herself.
  • Ottoman: Ottoman is Souya’s superhero alter ego. He is a powerful and skilled fighter who is dedicated to protecting the Earth from evil. He is also a kind and compassionate hero who cares about the people he protects.

Unique superhuman abilities

A still from Ottoman Manga
A still from Ottoman Manga (Image via Young Jump)

What sets Ottoman apart is its exploration of superhuman abilities fueled by positivity and love. Souya’s transformation into the titular character, Ottoman (otto = husband), serves as a testament to the power of love. This theme is explored in an exaggerated yet engaging manner, ensuring that we are drawn into the plot without cringing at the protagonist’s predicament.

Moreover, Ottoman caters to a seinen demographic, providing ample doses of blood, gore, and intense action. It doesn’t shy away from graphic scenes, adding an element of raw intensity to the story. While there’s a hint of nudity in some early chapters, it’s not a focus, so readers seeking such content might be disappointed.

Character dynamics

One of Ottoman manga’s strengths lies in its character dynamics. Souya, the protagonist, is a refreshing departure from the typical watered-down main characters. He loves his wife passionately and makes decisions decisively. He’s neither weak-minded nor a coward, presenting a well-rounded personality that resonates with readers.

Yuka, Souya’s wife, stands out as a compelling character. The depth of Souya’s affection for her is entirely understandable, as she embodies the pinnacle of waifu material in manga. 


In conclusion, Ottoman is a manga series that defies initial expectations. While it may appear to tread familiar ground, it manages to infuse fresh life into the genre with its unique take on superhuman abilities, love, and action. The exceptional artwork adds to its appeal, making it a visual treat for readers. Souya and Yuka’s character dynamics provide depth and authenticity, allowing readers to connect with their journey.

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