Ruri Dragon Manga makes a comeback after months: Where can you read it?

Ruri Aoki in Ruri Dragon manga

The Ruri Dragon manga has made its return after a hiatus which extended for a period of 588 days. While the entire fandom was in tears and excitement superseded all other emotions, Ruri Dragon makes a comeback with its seventh chapter for what can only be believed as a miracle. The manga’s creator Masaoki Shindo has also announced that the story will now continue with a regular release pattern to add feathers to the cap.

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Ruri Dragon Manga Breaks Hiatus: All you need to know about it

Ruri finds herself confused as she encounters continuous changes in Ruri Dragon manga
A confused and scared Ruri in the manga. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Ruri Dragon manga leaves a hiatus after a long-drawn battle between the creator and his health impediments. While such breaks are not very uncommon in the manga industry, like the case of Revenge of the Soul Eater manga, it is a lucky draw pulled in our favor that the manga is finally returning.

However, now that Shindo has recovered, the manga is allowing certain changes to be made in its wake. These changes will however not affect the serialization schedule, but simply bring a shift in the pattern in which it was supposed to be made available to the readership.

Where can you read the Ruri Dragon manga Chapter 7?

The Ruri Dragon manga Chapter 7 is now officially available to read in the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 14 magazine. This one-shot manga has covered a long rough road before reaching this pivotal point in its journey, where it has managed to fight off difficulties with faith and hope. The manga’s serialization was announced on February 21, 2024, by Masaoki Shindo himself, and the creator also said that there would be no further breaks in the serialization process.

However, it was announced that Ruri Dragon will only continue to be published in the Weekly Shonen Jump for five chapters, after which it will be shifted to a new platform. That being said, chapters seven to eleven will be available in print, following which a digital shift has been announced for the further course of the story.

Where can you read the Ruri Dragon manga Chapter 12 and after?

The Ruri Dragon manga shall resume its serialization from its twelfth chapter in a digital mode. The official publication rights will shift from Weekly Shonen Jump to Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app, the digital platform for all manga, from April 22, 2024, wherein the new chapters will be released biweekly.

The shift to a digital mode might have come after taking into consideration the huge expenses incurred while the manga decided to resurface and resume. Moreover, the fact that the Ruri Dragon hiatus ends after so long only infers that changes that suit the dynamics of today’s readership are taken into due consideration.

Ruri Dragon manga – a brief synopsis of the plot

The story of Ruri Dragon manga is a tale of fantasy that revolves around the titular character Ruri Aoki, who is just another typical high school student—until she wakes up one morning to find horns growing out of her head. She shows her mother the changes, but unsurprisingly she’s baffled and unimpressed with this mysterious anomaly. Still steadfast, Ruri’s mother discloses the startling fact that her daughter is half-dragon!

Ruri Aoki is shocked when electricity bursts through her body in Ruri Dragon Manga
Ruri Aoki in Ruri Dragon Manga Chapter 7. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Ruri attends school as usual, despite not knowing how to interpret this unexpected event while at the same time hoping for another typical and ordinary day. However, it doesn’t take long for her homeroom teacher, students, and best friend to realize something is wrong and clearly off the tracks. Besieged by people who want to touch, examine, and snap pictures of her horns, Ruri finds that being a half-dragon is going to be far more chaotic than she had anticipated.

Fans are overjoyed with its return: Calling it a special moment

Ruri Aoki is shocked an exasperated in class
Ruri Aoki as seen in the seventh chapter of the manga. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

The return of Ruri Dragon is in fact a cause for celebration for many who have waited all these years to receive the seventh chapter.  User reviews and critical commentary indicate that since the inception of this manga, the readers have always seen huge potential in its storyline and characterization.

  • The narrative of the manga is pleasantly soothing and pleasant. Despite Ruri’s race, a lot of individuals in her immediate vicinity are kind and helpful. While it won’t always be the case in real life, there are many examples of stories about prejudice of this kind.
  • Although the artwork is not very remarkable, reading it is delightful. The character designs are profound and well-rendered.
  • Even while the narrative may not be particularly interesting on its own, the manga succeeds because of its realistic language and likable characters, which give the series a cohesive sense.


Ruri Dragon is a fantastical story that follows an anomaly that is partly magical and partly ordinary. While Ruri bends her choices to make herself feel included in the circles she aspires to be within, the innocence and charm with which it has been done is simply commendable on the author’s part. It becomes a tale of difference and discrimination which is systematically dealt with in a tone of comedy, wit, and humor.

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