Spider-Man Octopus Girl: Can it possibly feature Deku from My Hero Academia?

Spider-Man Octopus Girl Can it possibly feature Deku from My Hero Academia

The Spider-Man Octopus Girl manga is a new spin-off that has been created by the team behind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes with the writing done by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrations done by Betten Court. It is going to be a spin-off and will target new adventures in a new place with a new narrative.

This article is a continuation of Spider-Man: Octopus Girl Manga: Will it be connected to My Hero Academia? In this article, we will look at Spider-Man Octopus Girl manga and also explore the possibility of it would feature Deku from My Hero Academia.

Spider-Man Octopus Girl: a new spin-off manga

Marvel Entertainment along with Shueisha announced on Tuesday the 30th of May 2023 that a new spin-off manga titled Spider-Man Octopus Girl is underway, which would be written and illustrated by the duo behind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court. The manga is set to launch in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ manga app, and the release date is June 20, 2023.

Spider-Man Octopus Girl Can it possibly feature Deku from My Hero Academia
Picture from Shonen Jump News’ Tweet.

The manga’s story will basically feature Doctor Octopus, the iconic antagonist of the Spider-Man universe and it will revolve around him getting into a coma and waking up in the body of a Japanese schoolgirl Otoha Okutamiya. The manga would be a spin-off for the upcoming film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which is a sequel to the blockbuster Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man Octopus Girl and the theme of reincarnation

The theme of reincarnation is very trending in Japanese manga and anime culture at the moment. Several anime and manga, including My Hero Academia, have this trope of reincarnation as a major thematic element.

Even Deku’s powers which he attained from All Might are an aspect of reincarnation on a supernatural level. The power of memory and tradition and that of aspiration is passed down and therefore is reincarnated in a different body.

Spider-Man Octopus Girl Can it possibly feature Deku from My Hero Academia
Deku from My Hero Academia. (Image credits Bones Studio)

Similarly, Doctor Octopus would also be reincarnated in a Japanese High School girl’s body, which brings us to the point that due to the creators being the same for both shows and as the theme is well-appreciated by the viewers, it is not a surprise that they might also feature the coming together of Deku and Doctor Octopus in the manga.

Spider-Man Octopus Girl and Deku: is it possible that Deku from My Hero Academia would be featured?

Spider-Man Octopus Girl is set around the Japanese superhero universe. Moreover, the creators are also the ones who made some of the greatest new-age manga including the famously known My Hero Academia.

Therefore, it is not very unlikely that while the imageries will center around a similar universe, the various protagonists will interact in some manner or the other.

Spider-Man Octopus Girl Can it possibly feature Deku from My Hero Academia
Spiderman and Deku. (Image credits Crunchyroll and Bones Studio)

Spider-Man Octopus Girl would likely be centred around adventures that are typical to the Japanese anime culture and therefore the villains would also center around similar narratives. However, the theme of reincarnation also becomes a major field of similarity.

Therefore, it is highly possible that the creators would like to introduce elements of their earlier works into their recent spin-off and formally set up interactions between Deku and Doctor Octopus in the new manga.


Spider-Man Octopus Girl as a manga now poses many questions and this spin-off will likely garner significant critical response as it releases. But it will be interesting to see Spider-Man Octopus Girl and Deku interacting at some point in this manga, as the spin-off couldn’t get more bizarre than the surprises we have encountered already.

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