The Four Knights of the Apocalypse chapter 129 Spoiler – can we expect the Seven Deadly Sins to reunite?

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With the recently released anime adaptation of The 4 Knights of the Apocalypse receiving a great response from the Seven Deadly Sins community, it seems Nakaba’s sequel is moving into its interval phase with its shocking ending of part 1 of the story in Chapter 128 of the Manga.

What could he have in store for part 2? and where does the story go from here now that one of the main protagonists has been killed off for the time being? Before we jump into speculation, however, it’d be best to first recollect on what has happened in the story till now and what situation have our 4 Knights and their merry men/women ended up in.

What has happened with the 4 Knights?

The situation has never been more dire in the land of Brittania, as King Arthur of Camelot wages war on the world in his misguided attempts to secure humanity as the dominant race by initiating a mass cull of the 8 other races present in the region. The events that have led up to this initiation of war are: –

Lancelot stabs Arthur
Image Courtesy: Weekly Shounen Magazine
  • Chaos in Liones – As the forces of Camelot infiltrate Liones in order to assassinate the old King Bartra and jailbreak an important figure, the titular 4 Knights of the Apocalypse, that is Tristan (Knight of Pestilence), Gawain (Knight of Famine), Lancelot (Knight of War) and Percival (Knight of Death) finally band together after many difficulties to tackle this threat together.
    • The conflict ends with a standoff between Lancelot and non-other than King Arthur himself, who proved to be too powerful for even the likes of Meliodas.
  • Onwards to the Demon Realm – The 4 Knights have now been officially banded with their own platoons, and now with the blessings of King Meliodas and Queen Elizabeth, they set off towards the Demon Realm in order to enter Camelot through the magical pathway that has opened on the back of the “Giant Behemoth”.
    • But the days of merry travel are soon to be over for this group as they lose a member of their platoon to one of Camelot’s assassins and lose their beloved Percival as he commits suicide under extreme stress.
Percival's grave
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Will The Seven Deadly Sins reunite?

Under the current circumstances in the story, it would seem the return of the Seven Deadly Sins is very likely to happen as a way to increase the stakes of the upcoming War arc, but the question is which of the sins will return for the very upcoming chapters? few we can think of are: –

  • Meliodas – It is no secret that Meliodas is indeed going to play a major role in yet again leading the Sins up against the forces of Camelot since Liones is currently the only Country that is actively resisting King Arthur’s tyranny. What progression his character will go through however is up to further speculation.
  • Ban – The former immortal and 2nd in command of the Seven Deadly Sins platoon, King Ban of Benwick has only made slight cameos throughout the series, and these could easily be attributed to hyping up his eventual triumphant return in the upcoming chapters as one of the returning Sins.
Seven Deadly sins cameos
Image Courtesy: Weekly Shounen Magazine
  • King & Diane – While including them both together might seem odd, it is supported by how both of their characters play out. The Fairy King Harlequinn and Giant Queen Diane are 2 inseparable souls that will follow each other to hell and back, and considering both made Cameos in the series on the same panel, it would seem that their return would be together as well.
  • Gowther – The Goat Sin of Lust is no stranger to the activities of Camelot and has in fact made a prominent appearance during Percival’s travels. Considering the many innocent and peaceful Demons under his care and his already clear-cut outlook on Arthur’s crusade, Gowther could easily be the Sin that would take actively take charge against Camelot’s forces.

The one Sin that we are not sure of however is Merlin, because while she could always make an appearance later down the road, her return in the upcoming chapters is highly unlikely due to her mixed feelings towards treating Arthur as a villain, that she obviously could still be trying to come to terms with and there being no proper information regarding her whereabouts even now and her.

But regardless of her absence, this is easily going to be one of the most hyped-up Shounen reunions in recent memory due to the overarching series already excellently nailing the next-generation aspect of this sequel.


The Four Evils of Camelot
Image Courtesy: Weekly Shounen Magazine

The story of the Seven Deadly Sins has taken yet another exciting turn toward a conflict that has been building up ever since the original series. Though the likelihood of our speculations coming true is high, we would still recommend you take what we say with a grain of salt and look toward the future of the Seven Deadly Sins franchise with active curiosity, because Nakaba has a lot more in store for us.

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