Tokyo Revengers Author announces a new story: Breaking down its potential and if its worth it

Negai no Astro PV by Tokyo Revengers author

Ken Wakui, the mastermind behind the blockbuster manga series Tokyo Revengers, is back with a brand new project. This time, he’s taking his talents to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump with a three-part spring series kicking off in issue #20 on April 15th, 2024.

The first installment, titled “Negai no Astro,” marks a bold departure for Wakui, venturing into the realm of the supernatural with a twist โ€“ a delinquent twist.

New additions to Weekly Shonen Jump

Tokyo Revengers manga on Shonen Jump
Tokyo Revengers manga on Shonen Jump (Image via Shonen Jump)

This supernatural x outlaw manga, as it’s being called, is Wakui’s first foray into Weekly Shonen Jump and we are eager with anticipation to see what he brings to the table. Negai no Astro officially blasts off in issue #20, hitting shelves April 15th.

This new series isn’t the only spring addition to Weekly Shonen Jump. Issue #21 (April 22nd) brings “Far East Necromance” by Ayumi Nanami, while issue #24 (May 13th) introduces Saikuru Biyori by Omusuke Kobayashi. There’s even a special preview video on Jump Channel to fuel the excitement.

Supernatural delinquents by Tokyo Revengers Author: A winning formula?

Negai no Astro manga Character PV
Negai no Astro manga Character PV (Image via Shonen Jump)

The “supernatural x outlaw” genre combination immediately raises questions about similarities to Wakui’s previous work. While his previous work, Tokyo Revengers, focused on delinquent gangs and time travel, Negai no Astro hints at a different direction entirely. The word Astro in the title suggests potential storylines involving celestial bodies, space, and perhaps even the awakening of supernatural powers among the protagonists. This could lead to a much broader world view compared to the grounded setting of Tokyo Revengers.

A new challenge for Shonen Jump

The Cast of Tokyo Revengers featuring in a colored spread of the Tokyo Revengers Manga
A still from Tokyo Revengers manga (Image via Shonen Jump)

The “supernatural x outlaw” genre isn’t unheard of, but it holds a unique position within Weekly Shonen Jump. While other magazines might embrace this blend, it’s a less common approach for Jump. This presents an exciting challenge for both Wakui and the Shonen Jump magazine. This leads to a question whether can Wakui successfully introduce this unique concept to Jump’s established readership.

Did you know? Weekly Shonen Jump wasn’t always a weekly magazine! It started in 1968 as a bi-weekly publication, meaning it came out twice a month. Just a year later in 1969, it switched to its now-famous weekly format. For more of such anime history subscribe to theย Spiel Anime Newsletter and keep up with the anime updates.

Negai no Astro manga by Ken Wakui success depends on two things

The answer, like a good brawl, depends on a few key punches:

  • Heart over hype: While the “supernatural” angle is a fresh hook, the heart of “Tokyo Revengers” was its focus on character growth, loyalty, and emotional depth. A flashy power-up fest could easily overshadow these core elements.
  • Power play: Creating a balanced and clear power system is crucial. Think back to Naruto โ€“ the power levels got so crazy it became frustrating for readers. A well-defined system in Tokyo Revenger will keep the story grounded and avoids plot holes.

Sure, some familiarity with the “Tokyo Revengers” world could be comforting for fans. But ultimately, “Negai no Astro” needs to stand on its own two feet, not just be cashing out on Tokyo Revengerโ€™s success.

The verdict

The potential for a knockout is there, but Wakui will need to deliver a story that balances these elements and packs a punch with its characters and plot. It’s not a guaranteed win, but the chance for a fresh take on the delinquent genre with a supernatural twist is definitely exciting. So we obviously have to wait till April 15 to see how Ken Wakui creates a distinct identity for his Negai no Astro, till then Adios.

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