Top 5 Manga that have been banned in the USA

Top 5 Manga that have been banned in the USA

Just like certain Anime, Manga are also not exempted from bans. There are certain series that are too explicit for their own good, that cannot be circulated in the markets of certain countries. It is the same for US markets as well. Here are the Top 5 Manga that have been banned in the USA.

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Top 5 Manga that have been banned in the USA

5. Gyo by Junji Ito

Gyo | Courtesy of Junji Ito

Diver Tadashi and his girlfriend take a trip to the coast of Okinawa, trying to mend their strained relationship. But things take a turn for the worse when an aquatic abnormality attacks them in their cabin. A fish with four legs tries to attack them, but they manage to kill it. Their celebration would have followed next if not for the putrid and rotten smell that was exalted by the dead fish. This smell is the first sign of the unholy reckoning that will dawn upon them, are they ready for what’s about to come?

The mangaka is known for his beautifully drawn panels in the industry. It is a shame that his drawings are meant to scare the living soul out of its readers.

  • With as simple a plot, the manga has been able to cripple the hope and sanity one holds deep within themselves.
  • The disturbing and horrifying acts shown in the manga are enough to steal the sleep of countless individuals and terrorize them as nightmares.

Rightfully taking the place of being a banned masterpiece in the US.

4. My Hero Academia by Hirokoshi Kouhei

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia | Courtesy of Hirokoshi Touhei

A tale of a batch of young students who aspire to become Heroes in their world. In a world that is governed by Quirks, it is unimaginable for it to be anything realistic or comparable to our world. Yet, this world of fantasy is the same as ours, with the same problems of political maneuvering and a strong powerhouse dominating all sectors. Fighting villains is a just cause, but are they really villains? This story goes beyond the usual fantasy hero tale and asks its readers to contemplate what it truly means to fight for justice.

The manga is an oddity in a list of banned series, however, it has not been unfairly added.

  • The manga has a lot of fanservice elements, even at times when you don’t expect it.
  • With such an impression set from not only its US audience but from a majority of its audience around the world, it was bound to be restricted.

It has given rise to some questionable trends on Twitter, making its appearance in the list somewhat more deserving.

3. Soul Eater by Ookubo Atsushi

Soul Eater
Soul Eater | Courtesy of Ookubo Atsushi

A tale of ambitious kids trying to rise up the ladder to achieve the most sought-after dream in their world is surely the way to go with Shonen manga. Maka Albarn and her partner Soul Evans have their sights on making a Death Scythe. Pairing up with a couple of friends, they begin their adventure of reaping 99 souls from the human world. Is their journey as simple as it sounds, or will they face adversity they never imagined?

Such a simple plot is sure to be unproblematic, right? I guess not. Similar to our favorite Hero story above, this work also has excessive and unnecessary fanservice. With an engaging plot, this was one of the greatest stories to act as a beginner for anyone who wanted to enter our world of fantasy. Such a shame that kids won’t be able to read it without being influenced in the wrong direction.

2. Black Butler by Toboso Yana

Black Butler
Black Butler | Courtesy of Toboso Yana

A supernatural tale set in the Victorian Era, Earl Ciel Phantonhive’s adventure with his loyal butler is filled with unimaginable twists and horrors. Working as the Queen’s Watchdog, the earl takes care of anything that becomes a nuisance to Her Majesty, ranging from infiltration to assassination. However, is this fidelity innocent or is there a bigger ploy at play?

The manga is known for its amazing story-telling. Mixing detective aura with supernatural themes was bound to take it to realms that are not as easily appreciated as others. Having a mature theme that demonstrates many discriminatory and unfair practices of an age bygone, it certainly is not suitable for a young audience. Its expression of the cruelty faced by its characters honorably lands it in the second spot.

1. Assassination Classroom by Matsui Yuusei

Assassination Classroom
Assassination Classroom | Courtesy of Matsui Yuusei

When an Assassin falls in love with the scientist who is experimenting on him, his only choice is to look after her students. A comedy filled with inexplicable sadness is how one would describe this show. Having a Yellow-Octopus Alien who is unkillable teach you all sorts of lessons while training you to kill him is one heck of a summer boot camp everyone is dying to join.

The main reason for its appearance in the list is because authorities deemed that the expression of violence in the manga is one of the root causes of gun violence in American schools. It is surprising to note that gun violence has never been an issue in Japan, and as such the author has no intention nor foresight to perpetrate such an execution.


This concludes the list of manga that are banned in the US. What do you think? Is it correct that these specific series were banned? Comment down below and let us know if any series should replace these 5!

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