Exploring who Usami is in Jujutsu Kaisen: Is she the key to defeating Sukuna?

Usami fanart along side Kusakabe

In the latest Jujutsu Kaisen chapter, Gege once again showcased his ability to seamlessly blend humor with back-to-back action. JJK Chapter 253 was undeniably one of the funniest chapters in recent memory; the comedic highlight being the subtle portrayal of Kusakabe, one of the strongest Grade 1 sorcerers, desperately trying to avoid confronting the formidable Sukuna.

  • However, amidst the laughter, Akutami has set the stage for what could potentially be one of the most unexpected battles in the series so far.
  • The chapter’s mention of a mysterious character named Usami, previously unheard of, has sparked a whirlwind of speculation among fans.

Kusakabe’s defensive demeanor when referring to Usami has also fueled theories about her identity and significance. Is Usami just a narrative device to delve into Kusakabe’s emotional backstory, or could she be the key to defeating Sukuna?

Popular Theory suggests Usami is Kusakabe’s Sister

Kusakabe and Panda during the Shibuya Incident
Kusakabe in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 [Image via MAPPA Studios]
  • A popular theory on Reddit suggests that Usami is actually Kusakabe’s little sister. The manga had previously referenced Kusakabe having a little sister, but she remained unnamed and in the background.
  • However, chapter 253 seems to hint that not only is Usami his sister, but they were once an unstoppable duo and that they worked together as a team. Interestingly, the name “Usami” can mean “to give support or aid” in Japanese, which might be a hint at how their dynamic worked.

The reddit user is guessing that they worked together as a sword and shield team, with Kusakabe’s unbreakable defense complemented by Usami’s offensive capabilities. We also think that the reason Usami is missing-in-action is that she suffered some grave trauma during a mission, something that caused her to become mentally shattered.

  • The user took it upon themselves to draw out a manga page, giving fans a better vision of the theory. When we saw Kusakabe’s sister in the page, she was in a wheelchair and seemed to be in a state of shock. We can’t be sure what it was that caused this trauma, but it might be related to Takeru (her son).

Kusakabe is protecting Usami

A fan-made manga panel of Kusakabe's sister
Kusakabe and his sister in JJK Manga [Image via Shonen Jump]
  • This could explain why Kusakabe claimed the strongest grade 1 sorcerer was someone else – he’s trying to protect his traumatized sister by downplaying her abilities.

If this theory is true, it would not only give Kusakabe a compelling backstory but also introduce a potentially game-changing character. With Sukuna’s overwhelming power, the heroes desperately need an ace up their sleeve, and Usami could be just that.

Besides, it’s unlikely that Gege would name drop a character like this and not have something planned for them— the only question is, what’s in store?

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Usami’s Role: Game-changer or Emotional Backstory?

Kusakabe and Urahime in JJK Season 2
Kusakabe in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 [Image via MAPPA Studios]
With Jujutsu Kaisen gearing up for an epic showdown between Kusakabe and the overpowered Sukuna, we can’t help debating the true purpose of introducing Usami at this point in the series.

Most fans seem convinced that Usami will make her grand debut to help turn the tide against Sukuna. The theory that she’s Kusakabe’s sister with powerful offensive abilities seems to support this idea. If she and Kusakabe were truly an unstoppable duo back in the day, her return alongside his impenetrable defense could theoretically give the sorcerers a fighting chance.

  • However, we believe Usami is likely just a narrative device to flesh out Kusakabe’s emotional stakes. No matter what their teamwork was like, Gojo and the rest only mentioned Kusakabe as the strongest character, not Usami.
  • There’s also the lingering question of how realistic it would be for Usami to make a miraculous recovery after supposedly being left mentally shattered by tragedy. For many, the most plausible outcome is that Usami’s legacy will motivate Kusakabe without her literally rejoining the fray.

Whichever way it unfolds, Akutami’s surprise Usami namedrop has unlocked a new layer of speculation for the series. Her potential impact could range from game-changing to more subtly emotional – but either outcome promises to make for an exhilarating narrative twist befitting Jujutsu Kaisen’s intense final saga.

What if Usami isn’t Kusakabe’s sister?

Kusakabe facing Kenjaku in JJK S2
Kusakabe facing Kenjaku in JJK S2 [Image via MAPPA Studios]
  • While the theory of Usami being Kusakabe’s long-lost sister is the most popular and compelling one circulating among Jujutsu Kaisen fans, it’s important to note that it is not set in stone.
  • Usami could very well turn out to be someone or something entirely different, and in that case, the chances of her being the catalyst that aids in Sukuna’s downfall become even more plausible.

However, the lack of solid alternative theories surrounding Usami’s identity is a cause for concern. One theory suggests that Usami could be the real name of Mei Mei, the only grade 1 sorcerer not from one of the big three clans. But this seems like a stretch, especially considering that Kusakabe directly referred to her as “Mei Mei” in the same chapter, making it unlikely that he would randomly use another name for her.

Another possibility is that Usami is Kusakabe’s sword, which aligns with his character’s defensive capabilities. While this theory holds a bit more narrative weight, it still feels somewhat odd and unconvincing, failing to fully explain the significance of Usami’s introduction at this point.

If Usami turns out to be neither Kusakabe’s sister nor his sword, it opens up a world of possibilities regarding her true identity and purpose within the story. Perhaps she is a powerful ally from Kusakabe’s past? Or does Gege Akutami have an entirely different plan in mind for this character, one that could potentially turn the tide against Sukuna? We would love to hear your theories and discuss them with you in the comments!


Bleeding Kenjaku frustrated during the Shibuya Incident
Kusakabe in JJK S2 [Image via MAPPA Studios]

Regardless of her true identity, Usami’s mere mention has heightened the stakes and intrigue surrounding the battle against Sukuna. Whether she emerges as a powerful ally, an emotional driving force, or something entirely unexpected, her role promises to be a pivotal narrative development.

As fans, we can only speculate and theorize until Gege Akutami decides to reveal Usami’s identity. But one thing is certain – the buildup and suspense surrounding this character has given us a lot to think about.

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