What is Tatari manga about?

Tatari Manga by Watari

If there was a mesh of Sakamoto Days‘ action with Jujutsu Kaisen‘s supernatural eccentric nature, Tatari manga is what it would be. A manga about a cat named Tatari and his caretakers, the story takes an unforeseen turn when the cat’s owner’s parental lineage takes a dive into their lives. Burden with the inexplicable responsibility of taking care of his little sister, will Tatari be able to hold up against his opponents?

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Tatari Manga – What is it about?

Taking on Takeru's form
Taking on Takeru’s form | Courtesy of Watari

Takeru and Yuki take care of a cat, named Tatari. Found in a situation similar to his, Takeru managed to save Tatari from a bloodthirsty street dog. Overwhelmed by the kindness he received, Tatari started visiting the sibling duo every day. Takeru is a person who is unconditionally kind and would run to save anyone he sees in need. So, when his sister fell to a congenial disease, he was bound to break his body over and over again to cure her.

  • However, good things rarely happen to good people. Unbeknownst to him, his father is a Mafia Boss and intends to divide his property among his children.
  • Suddenly thrown into a family feud over possessions that Takeru knew nothing about, an assassin sent by his dear sibling hits his mark as down goes Takeru.
  • Such an unforeseen circumstance shook Tatari’s entire world as the one he loved the most was dead right in front of him.
  • Fueled with anger, Tatari swore to take revenge on those who had harmed his dearest and to carry with him the responsibility of curing his sister.
  • As a Demon Cat, he sips Takeru’s blood to take his form and live in his place.
Monster Cat
Monster Cat | Courtesy of Watari

However, things were also developing on the other side of the world. One of Takeru’s siblings was allies with Yokais and is planning to take out all his competition.

With the supernatural world dragged into a family feud with no other but a Mafia background, this manga is sure to hit all the spots for thrill. An epic tale of Yokai and Humans as they mingle into the politics of this human world, while one lone soul attempts to give his sister a better life.

Story Progression and Characters

The story is executed smoothly by demonstrating how it would actually be if a Yokai took a human’s place in his world. Tatari finds it difficult to meld into the human world as his instincts as a wild beast kick in every chance it gets. However, living in the shadow of his brother, he is quickly brought back to the reality of how things really need to be.

As a Yokai who has lived for decades, his understanding of his position shows how mature the character is. Although dead, Takeru has constantly kept a leash around Tatari’s violent intentions. Nonetheless, Tatari has made Takeru’s life better than how it was before, by standing up to anyone who tries to slam him down.

Tatari with Yuki
Tatari with Yuki | Courtesy of Watari

Yuki has portrayed an equally important role, lightening the entire atmosphere that screams danger at all times. What can we say, a manga about a supernatural cat is bound to be all dangerous, that’s just how cats live their lives – I don’t make the rules. Her involvement in the story has been in line with how siblings are like with each other, unlike anime like OreImo.


The manga has a good enough potential to be in the top 10 Shonen Manga list if it receives love from the community. Currently with only 497 members on MyAnimeList, it needs a hell of a boost to reach the skies. But it has a precedent, Kagurabachi hit off with his first chapter unlike anything seen in the history of the manga community. So there’s hope. Do let us know how you feel about this manga by commenting below!!

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