What is the Isekai Transporter Manga all about?

Truck-kun Isekai Transporter manga

The isekai genre has become increasingly popular in recent years, with stories about ordinary people being transported to magical worlds to become heroes. But what about the poor truck-kun, who is constantly claimed to be the cause of these mass killings?

Isekai Transporter manga is not your typical isekai story but tells the story on the flip side of the table, from the company’s perspective that transports heroes to other worlds.

Isekai Transporter Manga: What is it about

The manga is a Thai Isekai manga written by BottleC and illustrated by Rian, published on Facebook in 2018. The story is about a company that transports heroes to other worlds, with a wide variety of customers, from ordinary people to soldiers, police officers, and even buffaloes.
A still from Isekai Transporter manga
Image courtesy of Bottle Comics

The manga has become very popular in Thailand, with over 100,000 followers on Facebook. It has also been translated into English and other languages.

It follows the story of Ni, an employee of a company that transports heroes to other worlds. He also has an assistant only visible to him, Anna, who is from another world. While Anna negotiates with the clients and takes in the requests Ni’s job is to select the right heroes for each job, which can sometimes be difficult, as customers can request all sorts of things, from sending a buffalo to another world to finding a hero who can defeat a powerful demon lord.

Is it a fan-made manga?

Yes, it is a fanmade manga. It is not affiliated with any official anime or manga studio. However, it has become trendy in Thailand and other countries and has been translated into multiple languages.

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The creators of Isekai Transporter, BottleC (writer), and Rian (artist) are both Thai artists and manga enthusiasts. They started creating Isekai Transporter in 2018 as a side project, but it quickly became popular and they decided to focus on it full-time.

Is it worth reading?

In the manga, heroes getting transported to another world is the main theme. But one thing that makes it more interesting is the detailed process carried out by the staff members. This attention to detail adds depth to the story and keeps it engaging, for instance:

Truck-kun transporting the hero to a new world
Image courtesy of Bottle Comics
  • Ni’s role involves a crucial task – finding the perfect heroes for new worlds. Clients from different places might have specific requirements, like needing someone witty, charismatic, or possessing hidden powers.
  • Ni has a helpful assistant named Anna, who hails from a different world. She often negotiates with the clients and their requirements in a hero. Anna is only visible to Ni and she possesses the ability to see people with hidden powers, eligible to be heroes.
  • Another interesting part of the story is how the hero meets their end at the hands of Truck-kun. It’s not just a simple collision; instead, they have to be struck by the truck’s specialized reincarnation devices attached to its bumper. These devices capture their soul and whisk it away to the new world.

If you’re intrigued by the premise of this parody isekai manga, which offers a unique glimpse into the other side of typical isekai tales, you may want to give it a try. What you might also want to give a try is our SpielAnime exclusive Newsletter that brings you sweet anime content bi-weekly!


To sum it up, the manga is a funny and engaging parody of isekai stories, made for isekai fans. The artwork is good, and the storyline is captivating, especially when it comes to the procedures and considerations involved in transporting the heroes to their new worlds, for example, being beaten down to death in the process of reincarnation by Truck-kun with its bumper that contains reincarnation devices.

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