Will the upcoming Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 answer us what emotions Ai was hiding?

Ruby as Ai

Oshi no Ko manga has always been quite heavy on emotions and trauma. From the early stages, Akasaka trained us for all the emotionally stimulating things that were coming our way. The latest chapter was similar in this sense. We hear Kana and Akane mentioning Ai’s state of mind when she was an idol. This conversation sparked a series of questions.

With chapter 129 having released just today, part of the fandom has been stirred, as made evident by the rampant discussions that I’ve personally observed in the subreddits I follow. MyAnimeList’s forum has also not been left still. With all these, I was elated to ask and answer, all at the same time – will Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 bring Ai’s emotions to light? Will we get to know about everything she was concealing behind that smile?

Besides all these questions, there’s one more important question: Do we have to wait for another week before we get our answers? Well, not really. As we’ll try our best to answer these questions for you in this article. 

What was Ai angry about?

Oshi no Ko manga
Ruby Hoshino as Ai Hoshino | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

In chapter 129, Kana redirects our attention to the director’s little trick to bring out Ruby’s emotions. She adds how Ai always kept her emotions hidden. Akane mentions that it was primarily anger which she never expressed. What could Ai have been angry about? While we don’t know for sure, here’s what the anger could have been about: 

  • Ai was an idol. She was always under some sort of pressure. We already know that the members of B-Komachi weren’t on the best terms. She was the most popular and she had to live up to the reputation she built for herself. Even when she wasn’t performing, she still needed to be on her best behavior. 
  • Compared to her “job”, her personal life was even more difficult.  She underwent a teenage pregnancy. Even though Ichigo and Miyako were always there to support her, Ai still had to do a lot on her own. 
Director Gotanda
Kana’s way of talking about the director | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

When we pair up these two reasons, we can get a vague idea of her state of mind. In spite of the hectic work and personal life, she was always shining bright. She was putting up a front and her life was full of lies. It was probably not just anger that she was feeling. She was feeling a range of emotions and at the same time the inability to express those emotions.

Akane Oshi no Ko
Akane in Oshi no Ko chapter 129 | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

The inability to express emotions sounds quite horrible. It’s good that we have the Spiel Anime Newsletter! It comes out twice every week where several writers let out their emotions and opinions on all things anime with cool designs. 

Will Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 bring these emotions to light?

Oshi no Ko manga
Akane, Kana, and Mem cho as B-Komachi members | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

We probably won’t get a direct demonstration of Ai’s state of mind in the upcoming chapter. We’ll get a better explanation and exploration of her character throughout the shooting process. To play her role properly, Ruby must understand Ai even better. The director and Aqua will probably help her in doing that. Not by telling her, but by pushing her into situations where she’s forced to feel like Ai.

We’ll get numerous pieces of information about Ai throughout the shooting process. And when the film is finally ready, we’ll hopefully be able to completely understand the puzzle that Ai was. 


Spelling out what Ai felt would have been an easier way to explain her character. But Aka Akasaka chose the other way out, a roundabout way. It’s almost like you’re only worthy of knowing Ai if you stick through to the manga’s end. We’re planning on doing that, what about you?

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