Black Dynamite Anime: what is it about?

black dynamite anime

Based on an amazing action parody flick, in the same vein as an 70’s Blaxploitation or Chinese wuxia film. Black Dynamite Anime is a blast from the 20th century past, one which perfectly exemplifies all the beloved qualities of those aforementioned genre’s while translating it for a modern audience in spectacular fashion. But let’s elaborate on why that is the case, shall we?

What is the Black Dynamite Anime?

Black Dynamite (yes that’s his name) is the protagonist of the 2009 American Blaxploitation parody film with the same name. The titular Mr. Dynamite himself is a mix of all the action tropes present in 70’s Blaxploitation films such as exaggerated accents, outrageously cool action moves, and enough romantic partners to make James Bond blush with envy.

Black Dynamite the Adult Swim production is an animated sequel to the 2009 sleeper hit, and it is as outrageously fun as its predecessor and maybe even more, because the show crew knew exactly how to overexaggerate the already exaggerated style of the original film by taking full advantage of the animation medium that they are utilizing. The Adult Swim show is gorgeous, hilarious and beautiful to watch in action.

Plot and Premise

Set in 1970’s Los Angeles, we follow former CIA agent Mr. Black Dynamite, as he operates as a heroic vigilante across the city of angels on his one-man crusade against crime, after his brother was killed by the cartel which forced him out of retirement (Batman but cooler in my opinion).

Black Dynamite in a cool pose
Image Courtesy: Adult Swim
  • Dynamite has a smooth mouth and a mean punch to go along with it.
  • He needs no tools, but he uses them just because he feels like it.
  • He charms more ladies in an episode than John wick has killed people.
  • He is a master in all forms of martial arts, but one punch is all he needs.

His exploits are bombastic (sometimes literally) and his mouth is a treasure trove of one liners and pick up lines, which make even the manliest of men skip a beat. No matter the angle, one thing is certain, the Dynamite never fails to light up.

But is Black Dynamite Anime?

No, but let’s look at it from an inspirational angle. Black Dynamite is obviously similar in style to series such as The Boondocks, Afro Samurai and Samurai Chamlpoo. Even though “The Boondocks” is not technically an anime, many consider it to be spiritually in the same genre due to the obvious inspirations that it takes from it while also providing its own original western premise.

Black Dynamite characters in cool poses
Image Courtesy: Adult Swim

Black Dynamite is in a very similar situation, where its art style, character tropes, cliches and action, are so heavily inspired from anime its downright blatant, but it also provides enough of its own unique twists to those inspirations that we still can’t classify it as such.


So, to answer the question which is “is Black Dynamite Anime?”, It is neither an anime nor a western cartoon, it sticks kind of in the middle with its unique mix of tropes and cultures that are not strictly restricted to just one genre. Regardless of that fact, Black Dynamite is absolutely a series you should give a chance, at the very least it’s going to leave you absolutely entertained.

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