Bungou Stray Dogs: How to be like Osamu Dazai? Explained

How to be like Osamu Dazai

Okay, so are you finally here to capture the charm of Osamu Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs? Whether you find him cool or a lunatic, his sudden change of getting serious does make him stand out from other characters. So, be with us to know more about how to be like Osamu Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs.

What makes Osamu Dazai so attractive?

If you are on social media apps, it’s highly likely you’ve encountered countless edits featuring Dazai. He’s an incredibly popular character, and people from all walks of life can’t help but admire this enigmatic person, and simp over this crazy man.

It’s not just his appearance or voice; there’s a deeper allure at play. And who better is there to delve into the reasons behind his charisma than the original creator and novelist, Kafka Asagiri?

The reason behind Dazai’s charisma – Author explained

How to be like Osamu Dazai
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

At the world premiere of the fifth season of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime at Anime Expo, members of the press had the privilege of engaging in a discussion with Kafka Asagiri. Their conversation covered a wide range of topics, including the character Osamu Dazai.

When he was questioned about why Dazai continues to fascinate Japanese audiences, he responded with the following:

“Think of Dazai as a donut. What’s in the middle? No one knows. That’s something that not even director Igarashi knows, or the voice actor for Dazai, Mamoru Miyano. In the middle of that unknown is the question, “Why does Dazai want to die?” That core aspect about him is why everyone gets pulled into the rest of the story.”

He acts silly and does strange things, even though he has a troubled past. But it’s this mix that makes us like him and so we’re naturally attracted to people who have a bit of mystery about them.

Is Osamu Dazai a real-life inspiration?

  • Despite his appearance as a laid-back person, he’s the complete opposite of what he seems. He’s highly self-assured about his skills, carefully planning strategies behind the scenes, and staying calm under pressure. There are very few who can rival his abilities in a fight.
  • Kafka also shared his thoughts about the original author that inspired Dazai. This author wrote a book titled “No Longer Human” where he expressed something that no writer could easily put into words.
How to be like Osamu Dazai
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

It’s a deep feeling of embarrassment that everyone relates to on some level. We all know this feeling, but no one ever dares to express it. However, this author managed to depict it in a manner that stirs profound and disconcerting emotions.

Kafka Asagiri thus helped us to grasp why we are drawn to this beautiful man.


While we can obviously not attain his supernatural abilities, we can certainly incorporate some of his charismatic qualities in our own lives. So, go ahead and channel your inner Dazai!

That’s everything to know about how to be like Osamu Dazai and what makes him so attractive. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments below.








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