One Piece: Was Luffy foreshadowed to be the next Joy Boy?

One Piece Was Luffy foreshadowed to be the next Joy Boy

Was Luffy foreshadowed to be the next Joy Boy? Though fans of the series consider Oda to be the crownless king of foreshadowing, how much of this did he plan ahead? Joy Boy has turned out to be one of the most iconic figures both within the world of One Piece and the Fandom just a few chapters after his debut.

Let’s look at the hints across the series linking Luffy with Joy Boy.

What do we know about Joy Boy?

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Luffy’s Gear 5, Courtesy of Viz

Joy Boy was a highly influential figure who existed during the time of the Void Century and seems to have had a considerable impact on the world’s history back then. He is credited to be the original ‘Owner’ of the original treasure One Piece, who left it at Laugh Tale, only to be later found by Gol D. Roger. There was also a way to learn Joy Boy’s story at Laugh Tale.

Joy Boy has connections to two of the most prominent entities in the series. The first is the residents of Fishman Island, to whom he made a promise that he couldn’t fulfil. He expressed his remorse for the inability to return and carry out Noah’s true purpose. The second is Zunesha, with whom he has been acquainted at some point in his lifetime.

The Return of Joy Boy

Many prominent figures in the world of One Piece seem to believe that Joy Boy will ‘return’. Though the exact nature of this return is unknown, it could be speculated that it is a metaphorical return through a passed down will or power, or something akin to a reincarnation. This is evidenced by the fact that Kaidou has been searching for Joy Boy for some reason.

However, all these doubts were put to rest after the confirmation we got from Zunehsa near the end of the Wano arc. When Luffy awakened his fruit and activated Gear 5, Zunehsa claimed that Joy Boy had returned and that it could hear the ‘Drums of Liberation’. This is a nod to Luffy’s heartbeat which takes a funny rhythm when he’s in Gear 5.

Was Luffy foreshadowed to be the next Joy Boy?

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Here are all the instances across the series that could’ve been a potential foreshadowing for Joy Boy:

  • Luffy’s Personality: From the very first episode and chapter, Luffy has been showcased to be a fun-loving individual who’d go to any extreme to get what he desires. He absolutely loathes being controlled by others and considers the position of the Pirate King as a means to achieve ultimate freedom. This is in line with Joy Boy’s traits and his name as well.
  • Animal Companion: Just like how the original Joy Boy was the comrade of Zunehsa, Luffy also has formed bonds and friendships with creatures of the One Piece world. The most notable of these has to be Laboon.
  • Connection to Fish-man Island: It was prophecized that Luffy would destroy Fish-man Island at some point. Although this didn’t come true at that time, this prophecy could be referring to a point in time when Luffy returns to Fish-man Island, to carry out Noah’s true purpose, which could lead to the ‘Destruction’ of Fish-man Island.
  • The search for One Piece: Luffy’s goal in life is to find the last known legacy left behind by Joy Boy, the great treasure of One Piece. This practically puts him on the same path as Joy Boy, that is towards Laugh Tale.


The truth about Joy Boy and his actions still remains a mystery. However, based on all the lore that has been recently revealed in the manga alongside certain pieces of expositions, it is clear that Luffy is Joy Boy. However, we still don’t know what that means and how that could impact the story moving forward.

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