How to convince Someone to watch Anime? Explained

How to convince someone to watch Anime

How to convince someone to watch Anime? Do you also want to bring your friend into the cult of Anime? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We are here to give you the perfect hook to reel them into the universe of something which is more than just mere art than you think.

It’s quite astonishing that in 2023, despite the widespread popularity of anime, there are still people who remain unfamiliar with what anime truly is. So, here are all the steps you need to convince anyone to dive into the world of anime.

Tips to convince Someone to Watch Anime

1. Make them Believe the Hype through Action

How to convince someone to watch Anime
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For those who don’t delve into anime, they often turn to films as an alternative source of entertainment. Interestingly, some anime enthusiasts initially explored movies before getting into the world of anime.

  • Across all forms of media, one universally beloved genre is action. If individuals have a penchant for action films, they’ll discover a wealth of action-packed anime series to enjoy, including Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and many more.
  • The beauty of the action genre lies in its straightforwardness; viewers know exactly what to expect. Consequently, if someone has any love for action films, it becomes considerably easier to persuade them to explore an action anime as a starting point.

2. Get them Excited about the Story

Taking the example of Attack on Titan, which is considered one of the best anime of all time, is something we would recommend to your newcomer otaku friend.

They will be thrilled to know that no matter how much they think of the story, it always has another trick up its sleeve.

Whether it’s a shocking revelation, a dramatic battle, or an unexpected plot twist, something will always leave you speechless. The series is masterfully designed to create a sense of tension and suspense, ensuring that each episode is full of surprises and excitement.

Believe me, they’ll be screaming “Sasageyo Sasageyo,” just like the rest of us once they’re done. Also, please make sure you ask them to stay away from the live-action.

3. Play your Favorite Anime Song in their Ear

The soundtrack of Animes is a work of art that brings the story to life in a whole new way. From the hauntingly beautiful opening theme to the pulse-pounding battle music, each piece is carefully crafted to evoke the right emotions and heighten the tension.

Whether you’re watching an epic battle scene or a quiet moment of reflection, the OPs/EDs/OSTs will leave your new otaku friend with a lasting impression.

4. Don’t be too Pushy and let them have their own Pace

The most effective way to convince someone is to simplify the offer. If it’s complicated or demanding, they might lose interest. People tend to be less motivated when a task is inconvenient and requires a lot of effort.

So, if you tell them to watch your favorite show such as One Piece, they might back off immediately (if you know what I mean by that). Instead, respect their personal preferences and beliefs and don’t pressure them into liking anime. Or try to apply the first three methods from time to time.

5. Recommend an Anime similar to their favorite Show or Game

How to convince someone to watch Anime
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

If all else fails, although I’m not very skeptical it will, you can suggest an anime that shares similarities with their favorite film or video game. This approach is effective because it’s grounded in shared elements beyond just genre; it can be in terms of story, content, themes, characters, or some other aspect.

  • For instance, if someone enjoys superhero films like Superman, there are anime series with a comparable feel. Shows like My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, and One Punch Man come to mind.
  • Likewise, gamers and sports guys can be drawn to shows like Sword Art Online, Persona 5, Blue Lock, Haikyuu, and many more.

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How to convince someone to watch Anime

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And that’s all you need for your noble cause. The only setback of having someone watch Anime is that it will forever raise their standards for media.

That’s everything to know about how to convince someone to watch Anime. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments below.





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