Liar Liar: How powerful is the Green Star?

how powerful is the green star in liar liar

Liar Liar is the latest addition to the “Game Show” genre made famous by the likes of Kakegurui, Classroom of the Elite, and Danganronpa. But unlike its predecessors, Liar Liar takes a much more light-hearted approach, focusing more on a colourful romcom cast and humour-focused episodic structure.

Its power system relies on the abilities of “Stars” and currently the most mysterious star in the series is the Green Star on which we barely have any information but can still speculate on what it’s capable of.

Liar Liar – Recap

Currently, in the story, Shinohara is in the midst of a battle royale where every student is out to battle him in a game to prove their superiority, while he is actively trying to avoid them while still maintaining his cool-headed facade.

Shinohara Scheming in Liar Liar
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In addition to the dire situation he has found himself in, Shinohara has also been tasked to investigate the disappearance of the mysterious Green Star, along with recovering it from whoever stole it by finding them out and beating them in a game. But things have taken a turn from bad to dire, as the loyal maid Himeji has seemingly betrayed Shinohara after coming in contact with the cute but devilish Noa.

What are the Unique Stars in Liar Liar

The stars that characters win through games in Liar Liar work similarly to experience points in an RPG game. The more you collect, the higher you can level up in Star rank, which in turn unlocks more abilities for you to use in a game. “Unique Stars” however earn more perks to their user rather than just a simple experience upgrade compared to normal stars such as: –

Headmistress making a jojo pose in Liar Liar anime
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  • Red Star – One of the most sought-after Unique Stars, the Red Star has the power to allow its user to tell one lie that everyone will believe, along with gaining its user the collective knowledge of all the previous owners of the Red Star. But the downside to it is that no additional stars can be gained by the user when the Red Star is active unless it’s another Unique Star.
  • Indigo Star – This star does not have much to go off on but from what we can presume, it has the power to create life-like illusions around the user which have the potential to be used in any shape and form depending on the creativity of the user. Its previous owner Kugasaki was shown to cast lightning and smoke around him.

Now coming to the Green Star, though it has not been properly revealed yet in the series, from what we can gather with the information that the headmistress has provided to us in episode 4, we can presume that the Green Star grants the ability to affect the minds of its opponents while also providing additional abilities based on the mindset of the user which makes it an incredibly versatile and dangerous star to have on the hands of the unintended user.


Liar Liar is still a relatively new anime that still needs time to properly flesh out its power systems, but from what we can speculate, the games are only about to get more interesting and the stakes are about to go higher. Let’s see what Shinohara does next to protect his lie.


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