Sakamoto Days meets WurtS in Youtube: What is it about?

Sakamoto Days meets WurtS in Youtube: what is it about?

In an exciting collaboration, the popular killer battle action manga Sakamoto Days and rising music sensation WurtS are joining forces. WurtS is all set to release their hot new song titled “BORDERon June 5th, and to celebrate this occasion, a special event called “WurtS MeetS Sakamoto dayS” will be held at Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO). The event will be live-streamed on WurtS’s official TikTok account and Jump’s official YouTube channel.

  • The collaboration between Sakamoto Days and WurtS came to fruition due to the mutual respect between Yuto Suzuki, the creator of the manga, and WurtS.
  • Fans can also catch a glimpse of the collaboration in the special Sakamoto Days × WurtS collaboration PV, featuring a unique arrangement of “BORDER” and appearances by WurtS, which can be found on Jump’s official YouTube channel and special site.

The Exciting Fusion of Manga and Music

The collaboration between Sakamoto Days and WurtS brings together two creative forces in the realms of manga and music. With the release of WurtS’s much-anticipated song “BORDER,” fans of both the manga and the band are in for a treat. This special collaboration aims to immerse fans in a unique experience that combines the captivating world of Sakamoto Days with WurtS’s infectious music.

To further enhance this collaboration, WurtS has crafted lyrics and melodies that truly capture the essence of the manga’s universe. Meanwhile, Yuto Suzuki has contributed his artistic talents by creating a stylish and lively illustration featuring the manga’s protagonist, Taro Sakamoto, alongside WurtS. This collaboration PV, released on YouTube, serves as a tantalizing preview of what fans can expect from this exciting fusion of storytelling and music.

Exclusive Event and Nationwide Tour

On June 5th, the same day as the release of the collaboration song “BORDER,” an exclusive live event called ‘WurtS MeetS Sakamoto dayS’ will take place. This event is exclusively available to those who have purchased the 11th volume of the Sakamoto Days comic or the novelization through an application lottery. It promises to be an unforgettable experience for lucky fans.

Meanwhile, WurtS is currently in the midst of its first one-man live house tour, consisting of 15 performances across 9 locations nationwide. Furthermore, the band has been officially booked for multiple prominent music festivals and events, which strengthens their status as a rising sensation in the music industry.

What is Sakamoto Days Manga about?

Sakamoto Days Manga
Sakamoto Days Manga (Image via Viz Media)
  • Sakamoto Days is about Taro Sakamoto, a former renowned hitman who retires, falls in love, gets married, and becomes a convenience store owner. Despite his efforts to leave his past behind, the world of hitmen continues to pursue him.
  • With the help of Shin, a telepathic employee at his store, Taro strives to protect his family and preserve his peaceful life against formidable foes from his past.


Fans of Sakamoto Days and WurtS are eagerly awaiting the collaboration event and the release of the song “BORDER.” This unique partnership between manga and music showcases the boundless creativity that can emerge when different art forms intertwine. As the anticipation grows, enthusiasts can enjoy the collaboration PV and prepare themselves for an extraordinary experience that seamlessly blends the worlds of Sakamoto Days and WurtS.

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