Slam Dunk vs Real: Which out of these masterpiece by Takehikou Inoue is the better one?

Salm Dunk vs Real Which out of these masterpiece by Takehikou Inoue is the better one

Slam Dunk and Real are both masterpieces by Takehiko Inoue, and they both leave a significant impact on the sports genre of the manga and anime industry.  They are equally popular and have their own unique storytelling and direction. This is why pitting these two paragons against each other is difficult as they approach basketball in different ways and are set in different contexts.


Slam Dunk vs Real Which out of these masterpiece by Takehikou Inoue is the better one?
Slam Dunk (Image via IMDb)

A high school delinquent student named Hanamichi Sakuragi is the protagonist of the basketball manga series Slam Dunk. He joins his school’s basketball team for the classiest reasons of all: in an effort to win over a lady he likes. The show gets better with each episode as we witness compelling character development, an accurate depiction of basketball, and exciting game sequences. The 90s-era television series was well-liked not only in Japan but even elsewhere. Slam Dunk served as an example for a lot of young people and promoted basketball as a sport in Japan.


Slam Dunk vs Real Which out of these masterpiece by Takehikou Inoue is the better one
Real (Image via Crunchyroll)

Real, on the other hand, is a manga series about wheelchair basketball that focuses on the lives of three various people who are interlinked by their love of the game. Real is renowned for its in-depth examination of the character’s inner conflicts, the difficulties of living with a disability, and the intricate relationships within the sport. We see raw portrayals of tenacity, hope, and the resilience of the human spirit in the most realistic context.

Slam Dunk vs Real

  • The fast-paced action, lightheartedness, and personality growth in Slam Dunk appeal to a broad audience. Real, in contrast, is a more introspective and psychologically complex series that highlights the struggles that those with disabilities face in their daily lives.
  • Slam Dunk caters to a larger audience and has a more global appeal. It is renowned for its distinctive characters, authentic basketball games, and hilarious moments.
  • Real, on the other hand, is a series that follows a unique sports narrative. The story depicts the hardships of people with disabilities and how athletics can help them get over their physical restrictions. It is tragic, motivating, and heartwarming.
  • Based on the mood you’re going for, both these series make up for an amazing watch. If you’re going for a light, slice-of-life shonen series, Slam Dunk is your poison. But, if you’re looking for a series with more philosophical themes, it doesn’t get more real than Real.


In conclusion, Slam Dunk and Real are both masterpieces in their own right. They approach basketball in different ways and appeal to a different set of audiences. Slam Dunk is a classic shonen that appeals to a far-ranging audience, while Real is more pensive and caters to a selective niche of emotionally complex themes that explores the lives of people with disabilities.

However, they both have a very similar underlying message in them. Despite what society, your family or your mind may have led you to believe, you are not broken. Nothing is intrinsically wrong with you. You’re not a mistake, a fraud, or a fake. You’re not weak or incapable. Classrooms don’t teach us how to harness the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and wisdom of our bodies. It’s when you’re on the basketball court that you develop a winning mindset, perspectives, and practical habits that not only help you to meet and overcome life’s challenges but also experience joy and fulfillment.

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