Top 5 Hololive Fantasy Vtubers

Hololive Fantasy

Gone are the days when The Miracle Generation reminded people of Kuroko no Basuke. The third Generation of Hololive or Hololive Fantasy is now The Miracle Generation according to Japanese fans of V-tubing. They earned the title by being at the top in terms of YouTube Superchats and for boosting the popularity of Hololive. As the name suggests, the third generation has a fantasy setting. 

The members are Bunny Girl Usada Pekora, Elf Shiranui Flare, Cowgirl Shirogane Noel, the Pirate Houshou Marine, and former member Uruha Rushia. 

Top 5 Hololive Fantasy Vtubers

The members of Hololive Fantasy are ranked here according to their YouTube subscribers. Rushia ranking the lowest, as she’s no longer a member of Hololive. 

5. Uruha Rushia 


Rushia is an ex-member of Hololive Fantasy. She didn’t graduate, but her contract was terminated as a result of her not abiding by the NDA. When she was still a part of Hololive, she was commercially the most successful member.

Her cute reactions and her clumsy mishaps are still valued by fans. Her content has been removed from her official Hololive YouTube but she was loved by fans and many remember her still. 

4. Shiranui Flare

Shiranui Flare
The Elf-Girl Flare | Image Courtesy of Hololive Production

Flare has won fans’ hearts with her beautiful voice. Her covers are always anticipated by fans. She puts her all into every stream. Her gaming streams are loved by fans, as opposed to the usual squeaky reactions she laughs things off. Her demeanor is always calm and composed with unexpected shrieky screams.

Despite the slow journey to 1 million as compared to her co-members. Her diligence towards v-tubing reflects in her consistency. She also ranks high when it comes to sueprchats and having a loyal fanbase. 

3. Shirogane Noel

Noel Hololive Fantasy
Noel | Image Courtesy of Hololive Productions

While Flare stands out for her singing, Noel is a star when it comes to her ASMR bits. Their relationship at the beginning was also very wholesome and fun to follow. Noel was also the one to bear the brunt of trolls when she was trying to learn English to expand her fanbase.

Despite that, her unwavering determination has been truly admirable. Usually sweet and kind, she doesn’t shy away from smacking people when they deserve it. Even though her musical talent isn’t perfect, several covers by her have hit the 1 million mark on YouTube. 

2. Usada Pekora

The Bunny-Girl, Pekora | Image Courtesy of Hololive Production

Beware of her rage! Pekora can easily be the cover face for the bunny girls club and her self-proclaimed idol status would help her with it. To be fair, she’s no less than an idol. Her angst when she’s called funny attracts other members to tease her more. Over the years, she has grown to be more social.

She’s also one of the most successful vtubers. Her shy and sometimes reluctant personality makes fans appreciate her more when she jumps into collaborations and other fun stuff involving other members. The bunny girl hopped into our hearts and refuses to leave. 

1. Houshou Marine

Marine Hololive Fantasy
Pirate Houshou Marine | Image Courtesy of Hololive Production

Ahoy! Marine is at the top in terms of subscriber count and well deserved is an understatement. Her sensual approach to everything doesn’t undermine her hardworking approach toward her goals. She’s unashamed of her overdone jokes, sometimes making us question if they’re just jokes or…

Her fun personality is alleviated by her awareness of others around her. She tries to create a comfortable space for her co-members. Her gaming, singing, and artistic skills are appreciated by fans and her coworkers all the same. 



When the girls are this cute, you can’t blame fans for the parasocial dynamics they have with the girls (Parasocial Relationships are harmful nonetheless!). Ever since their debut, Hololive Fantasy has been one of the most loved generations with each member having a loyal fanbase. 

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