Top 5 ways One Piece Live Action is better than the anime

One Piece Live Action vs Anime

The new One Piece Live-action series by Netflix has been quickly taking the world by storm, because of its undeniable love for the source material, which is shown throughout its creative adaptation of the very nostalgic East Blue Saga. But how does it fair against the very beloved anime? let’s find out.

One Piece Live Action vs Anime: Who Wins?

1. Better Pacing

The anime during its early days had a bad habit of bloating the story with unnecessary filler that served no purpose to the plot in between episodes. The Live-action series circumvents this issue by completely omitting any sort of scene that has nothing to add to either the character development or the progress of the story, which in turn makes it a much more nuanced and easier-to-follow show.

2. Cinematics

The show honestly is gorgeously shot with creative use of Dutch angles which not only serve to create tension for the viewer but also act as cinematic tissue for the many changes in tone that the series dabbles into. The impressive part about this is that while the anime itself is not badly shot, the creativity exuded in each scene of the Netflix show just far outclasses what the anime was capable of delivering for the East Blue Saga.

3. Tone

While most would not call the anime a “child-friendly show”, it’s not outrageous to think that it is a show focused on the more joyful side of pirating. The Netflix show however stands in clear juxtaposition and provides a more gritty look at the life most pirates live and relish in. “Pillage and Plunder” never felt more real as a term until we saw for ourselves how terribly it affected the people who suffered through those events. While blood and gore are aplenty, the horror of it is the main attraction.

Buggy being menacing
Image Courtesy: Netflix

4. Character Development

While it may sound outrageous at first, I will assure you that the claim remains true to what we have to compare it with. The way characters and their motivations are presented in this series is way more lifelike and believable compared to the anime especially when it comes to the East Blue arc. Not only do they properly flesh out their individual quirks and backstories among the crew at a perfect pace, but the writing itself is much better presented throughout because of the excellent cast.

luffy enjoying his new ship
Image Courtesy: Netflix

5. Writing

It would not be foolhardy to argue that the writing of the still-fresh ODA sensei, when it comes to early One-Piece has become rather aged, not only due to its lackluster gap between good character moments but also due to its proper lack of flow between events other than the overarching story itself. The Netflix Show circumvents this issue by giving old plot points a much-needed touch-up when it comes to sequence and overall character dynamics, It also provides us with much more mature versions of characters compared to their anime selves such as Sanji (who is no longer presented as a demented pervert) and Luffy (who is far more competent and does not let his simple-mindedness affect his goals).


Though this debate about One Piece Live Action vs Anime is as neverending as they come. We hope our opinions serve as a way to highlight the excellent job the show team has done when it comes to bringing this wonderful world to life. Their creativity is only matched by their grand scale and we hope to see more of what has been provided to us as an appetizer for now. If you disagree with our points, feel free to leave a comment! we always welcome discussion.

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