Top 10 New Gen Anime released in 2023 – Ranked

top 10 new gen anime

2023 has been a great year for the anime industry, may it be either Shounen or Shoujo, a lot of the new releases have left a benchmark in their respective genres. So in celebrating that here is our list for the Top 10 New Gen Anime of 2023, buckle up!

1. My Star!

  • Japanese Name – Oshi no Ko
  • Studio – Doga Kobo
  • Season – Spring 2023

As the premiere Idol anime of the year, the latest masterwork from the mind of Aka Akasaka brings an Idol story unlike any other. Oshi no Ko is cute, funny, and gorgeous to watch, but it is also dark, bloody, and psychological. A perfect mix of the different sides of the entertainment industry, this is an anime you can’t miss for the premise alone.

2. Hell’s Paradise

  • Japanese Name – Jigokuraku
  • Studio – MAPPA
  • Season – Spring 2023

Set in a fantasy Edo period, Hell’s Paradise follows a ninja Gabimaru, who has to travel to the island of Shinsekyo to obtain the elixir of life so that he can gain a pardon from the emperor, and live his life in peace with his wife. The anime boasts amazing action and some really impressive set pieces from the genre, we recommend it just for the visuals.

3. Mashle: Magic and Muscles

  • Japanese Name – Masshuru
  • Studio – A-1 Pictures
  • Season – Spring 2023

Set in a Fantasy magical world that is intentionally and blatantly similar to the works of J.K. Rowling, Mashle is the premiere parody anime of the year and a damn good one. With multiple practical jokes up its sleeves every episode, and action scenes that would make harry potter blush, This is one anime we recommend if you want to be left breathless.

4. Heavenly Delusion

  • Japanese Name – Tengoku Daimakyou
  • Studio – Production I.G
  • Season – Spring 2023

A Supernatural series that is set in 2 distinctive time periods, in which we follow the adventures of Haruki and Maru as they try to venture across a post-apocalyptic Japan 20+ years after the “Great Disaster”, in search of a place called “Heaven”. The Anime provides a story that is gripping and personal, the world it trudges us through is unforgiving yet kind, and the visuals it showcases are second to none in the industry.

5. My Home Hero

  • Japanese Name – Mai Hōmu Hīrō
  • Studio – Tezuka Productions
  • Season – Spring 2023

A mystery crime thriller with a premise similar to the likes of John Wick but with the stakes even higher. My Home Hero is a masterclass in psychological chess, it always makes you question what is to come and somehow takes you by surprise every time. It’s not easy to create a crime thriller that keeps the viewers engaged but this anime definitely does it for those that dare to watch it.

6. Trigun Stampede

  • Studio – Orange
  • Season – Winter 2023 (January)

A great return to form for one of the best cowboy western anime ever made, Trigun Stampede is a love letter to the original 90’s anime (which in its own right was a masterpiece of action). Its 3d animation is smooth and satisfactory for the eyes, which is to be expected from Studio Orange who excel at creating some of the best CG animation in the industry. The action itself is fast and acrobatic which makes the anime, deserving of being the successor to its highly heralded predecessor.

7. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

  • Japanese Name – Zom 100: Zombie ni Naru made ni Shitai 100 no Koto
  • Studio – BUG FILMS
  • Season – Summer 2023

As a relatively new anime, Zom 100 shows extreme promise from its pilot which is easily one of the best anime episodes released this year, with its bombastic animation, amazing camera work, and masterful buildup. With just 2 episodes out currently, the anime has set itself up to be an all-time classic and definitely a worthy watch for someone who needs more comedy in his post-apocalyptic stories.

8. Liar Liar

  • Studio – Geek Toys
  • Season – 2023

An anime in the same vein as Kakegurui and Classroom of the Elite. Liar Liar is your newest lineup in the genre of Psychological student warfare. The major difference is in its town, unlike its predecessors Liar Liar is way more light-hearted and does not tend to take itself seriously, this in turn allows the anime to branch into different sorts of shoujo of storytelling structures, which is a welcome change for those that want something new and refreshing in the genre.

9. Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero

  • Japanese – Lv1 Maou to One Room Yuusha
  • Studio – SILVER LINK, Blade
  • Season – Summer 2023

The hero that defeated the demon king is now a bum of society who spends his free time drinking and gambling, and what’s worse is that the resurrected demon king now has to take care of him. The premise alone can get a viewer intrigued but this anime somehow also delivers what it promises, which is a really goofy rom-com adventure that somehow gets you off guard with each of its gags and also delivers some really good-looking action sakuga.

10. Frieren Beyond Journey’s End

  • Japanese Name – Sousou no Frieren
  • Studio – Madhouse
  • Season – Fall 2023

Though it is yet to release, the publicity and production pedigree behind Frieren has made it easily the most anticipated anime of 2023, The story is about an Elven girl Frieren who has to reflect on her immortality after all the people in her life pass on. In reference to the excellent manga by Kanehito Yamada, the story is heartwarming and personal and by the looks of the anime, it looks like the already excellent premise is going to be accompanied by breathlessly beautiful animation that will just add to the already masterful atmosphere.


the release pedigree for the most anticipated 2023 anime has been consistent and awe-inducing, It’s best to say that 2024 has a lot it needs to offer us, after the benchmark set by some of the greatest new anime of this new decade.



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