Top 5 Best Anime Duos – Ranked (2023)

Top 5 Best Anime Duos 2023

2023 has yielded a plethora of anime characters with unique backgrounds, personalities, and motivations. But what good are characters if they don’t have a compelling dynamic with each other in a story, well good thing is, that it’s precisely what this year is offering us, Here is our list of the Top 5 best Anime Duos in 2023!

1. Maru and Kiruko

Kiruko worried for Maru
Image Courtesy: Production I.G
  • Anime – Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku Daimakyou)
  • Season – Spring 2023

The fan-favorite duo of this season, Maru and Kiruko have a character dynamic that most writers fail to accomplish. They are comfortable with each other, they are communicative, and the way they banter feels natural in a way that does not require a character background. Kiruko and Maru have enamored the audience since the 1st episode of the anime, and the ending has just made the stakes higher for their relationship more than ever, while we as the audience can just wait with anticipation.

2. Iwakura and Shima

Iwakura is ruffling Shima's head
Image Courtesy: P.A. Works
  • Anime – Skip and Loafer
  • Season – Spring 2023

A romantic duo in the same vein as a classic ’90s romance, Iwakura and Shima are one of a kind. You would think a country girl and a city boy would have no chance of connecting in any realistic scenario, but that’s the beauty of an unexpected romance. While the character tropes that both reflect are nothing new, the series uses them to its advantage by giving us a teen duo that we can relate to and root for.

3. Thorfinn and Einar

Thorfinn and Einar carrying hay
Image Courtesy: MAPPA
  • Anime – Vinland Saga (Season 2)
  • Season – Winter 2023 (January)

After the death of Askellad, Thorfinn’s life has been left without purpose. As he now works as a slave, Thorfinn soon learns to see past the world of revenge and comes to terms with his life. Along that road, he meets a fellow slave Einar with whom he kindles brotherhood. Einar serves as the embodiment of the humanity that Thorfinn has manifested, and Thorfinn serves as Einar’s pillar in his darkest of times. Both are truly brothers in the most unadulterated sense.

4. Kazuki and Rei

Kazuki is angry at Rei
Image Courtesy: P.A. Works
  • Anime – Buddy Daddies
  • Season – Spring 2023

A duo that is as airheaded as they are deadly, Kazuki and Rei are the assassin duo you would never expect to be able to work out their difference and take care of a kid. But alas there is one aspect that they share that ultimately helped them do so, they both are insanely stubborn. This makes for a really unique character duo who have to spend an entire series trying to come to terms with each other all for the sake of their daughter, whom they will go to hell and back for.

5. Geto and Gojou

Gojo and Geto Laughing
Image Courtesy: MAPPA
  • Anime – Jujutsu Kaisen (Season 2)
  • Season – Summer 2023

Serving as a flashback, the new season of Jujutsu Kaisen gives us a look at the lives of Gojo and Geto before they became sworn enemies. Acting as a delinquent duo, both truly were the embodiment of brotherhood, ready to have each other’s back at any given time regardless of what the situation presented itself as. This glimpse into their background just makes their eventual fallout, even more tragic and disappointing when the viewer is left to ponder about the possible “What if?”.


Anime is an ever-growing industry with many more fantastical stories to tell and even more bombastic characters to present. 2023 is proving that exact fact with its currently ongoing Summer season and the highly anticipated season of Fall (Which arguably hosts the most anticipated lineup of anime releases of all time). On which Spiel Anime will be ready to report on and bring you the highest quality anime content around the globe.



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