Top 5 Most popular Waifus

Top 5 Most popular Waifus

The term “waifu” comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the word “wife” and is used to mean a female character from anime, manga, or video games to whom a person has a strong emotional connection or harbors a profound fondness in the context of anime and fandom culture, so much so that they consider them wife material. 5.

This allows fans to express love for a certain fictional figure in the context of anime and fandom culture. We have compiled a list of the top 5 anime waifus for you below based on popular vote and overall appeal.


5. Hinata Hyuga

Top 5 Most popular Waifus
Hinata (Image via IMDb)

Hinata Hyuga from “Naruto,” is a popular character among fans and has been chosen as a waifu by many. She is kind and compassionate and one of the few people who was endearing towards Naruto when society shunned him. She starts off as a shy and reserved character but gradually becomes more confident and undergoes significant character development which is quite admirable.

  • Her efforts to master the Gentle Fist technique don’t go unnoticed and fans could feel how hard she was trying to be a fighter at par with her peers.
  • Her unwavering devotion and loyalty to Naruto even while she was nursing a one-sided love touched the heart of many fans.

4. Mikasa Ackerman

Top 5 Most popular Waifus
Mikasa Ackerman (Image via IMDb)

A main character from the series “Attack on Titan,” she is a recurrent name in the waifu community. Her loyal and protective nature for her loved ones has made her put herself in harm’s way one too many times. Her fierce combat skills are just a testament to her inner strength and resilience.

Despite experiencing tragedy and hardship herself, she still harbors a nurturing side and goes to great lengths to ensure that Eren is safe. Her life has many complex turns but her reaction to the events happening around her has won over the fan’s hearts.

3. Zero Two

Top 5 Most popular Waifus
ZeroTwo (Image via IMDb)
  • All the way from Cerasus, is another fan favorite, Zero Two from “Darling in the Franxx.” Zero Two’s unique appearance, with her red horns and distinctive features, combined with her mysterious background, make her an intriguing character.
  • Her confident, determined, and bold nature eggs her on to become a fierce and independent woman.

But don’t let her tough exterior faze you, because she is also a myriad of deep emotions and a child trapped in the cacoon of past trauma. We get to see her incredible journey of self-discovery and growth in an unfiltered way which makes her relatable to fans. Her stubborn romantic feelings for Hiro just add more adorable points to her character.

2. Asuna

Top 5 Most popular Waifus
Asuna (Image via IMDb)

A beloved character from “Sword Art Online,” she has captivated the hearts of many people. Asuna is a skilled swordswoman and has impressive rapier skills. She can fight the good fight as well as talk the good talk.  She is known for her caring nature and the genuine connections she wants to make with others.

Her fierce loyalty to Kirito resonates deeply with fans, particularly those who appreciate devoted and dedicated partners. She has a refined disposition, both in and out of combat, that contributes to her appeal as a waifu.

1. Rem

Top 5 Most popular Waifus
Rem (Image via IMDb)

Ranking at the top of the pyramid, the fan favorite is Rem from “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World,” enchanting their hearts with her cute and endearing personality.

  • Her gentle and playful demeanor tugs at the heartstrings of viewers and earns her this spot.
  • She is loyal and devoted to Subaru and constantly shows her acts of bravery to ensure his safety, even if it is at her own cost.

She is selfless and determined to support Subaru, no matter which direction the tides go. For a few precious fleeting moments, we get to witness her expressing herself and she undergoes significant character growth throughout the series.

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