Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time

Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time

Horror is one of the most popular genres across the globe, irrespective of the form of media we consume. While fear is not precisely a positive sensation, many people enjoy watching horror films for the rush and stimulation they deliver without exposing themselves to actual danger. Japanese horror is a culturally distinct genre that has long been popular in the West. There are numerous well-known psychological-horror manga, but just a few have truly mind-bending and horrifying storylines that play tricks on readers’ minds.

  • While some of these twisted stories are not suitable for beginners, they do present readers who are ready for mature manga with distinct worlds, spine-chilling characters, and narrative twists.
  • These dark psychological manga cover a wide range of topics and feature inventive antagonists such as aliens, serial killers, and never-before-seen monsters. In this article, we will be listing the top 5 psychological horror manga of all time.

Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time

These unsettling masterpieces are sure to make readers’ blood run cold as they immerse themselves in the most terrifying events the manga world has to offer. The following list of manga has been curated in accordance with popularity and ratings while taking personal opinions into consideration as well.

5. Dragon Head

Dragon Head by Minetaro Mochizuki is one of the scariest post-apocalyptic psychological-horror manga, and it’s ideal for dark fantasy manga fans who adore superb world-building and unusual and terrible animals. Because of its magnificent graphic style, this terrifying manga also boasts one of the most unsettling creatures and a spooky and immersive environment.

Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time
Dragon Head (Image credit goes to Minetaro Mochizuki via Tokyopop)

Some of the most effective horror stories avoid delving into the supernatural, recognizing that the most horrifying scenarios are unavoidable disasters that can happen to anybody. Dragon Head is a claustrophobia-inducing nightmare that depicts the aftermath of a horrific train crash in which just three teen survivors survive.

Teru Aoki, Nobuo Takahashi, and Ako Seto are imprisoned underground with little chance of escape. Surrounded by the mutilated carcasses of their classmates, the trio faces terror, hunger, and insanity as their odds of survival dwindle with each passing second.

4. Homunculus

Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time
Homonculus (Image credit goes to Shogakukan)

Hideo Yamamoto’s Homunculus is a scary manga that shows how much reality may change due to distorted beliefs. Susumu Nakoshi is a desperate homeless man living in his car whose life is radically changed after meeting a mystery young gentleman.

He promises Nakoshi an appealing quantity of money in exchange for participating in a terrible experiment: drilling a hole in the skull. The surgery causes Nakoshi to develop a repugnant view of the world, as he begins to regard everyone as the unpleasant homunculus.

3. Fraction

Fraction is Shintaro Kago’s scariest psychological-horror manga, as well as a brilliantly strange mystery about a serial killer on the loose. It’s a strangely thought-provoking novel with a terrifying art style and a few gore scenes.

Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time
Fraction (Image credit goes to Shintaro Kago via Hikari Publications)
  • Shintaro Kago’s enthralling, unpredictable, and violent stories are known for their eroticized gore, illogical storytelling, and terrifyingly perceptive meta-commentary on manga as a form of artistic expression.
  • Shintaro’s eponymous manga Fraction is a surrealistic experience in addition to being a horrible serial murderer narrative. This work defies readers’ expectations by deftly combining form and substance to produce something unusual and unsettling.

2. Monster

Monster is Naoki Urasawa’s most thought-provoking and fascinating work, compelling readers to examine themselves and the environment in which they live and this is why it has to be on any list of top psychological-horror manga. This thought-provoking dark psychological horror comic follows Kenzo, a physician, and his former patient Johan.

Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time
Monster (Image credit goes to Shogakukan)

Monster chronicles Kenzo’s exploits once he realizes Johan is the infamous serial killer whom the police seem unable to apprehend. This twisty psychological manga is ideal for mystery fans and readers who enjoy stories that make them rethink their perceptions of people as well as their own views toward the world and humanity.

1. Uzumaki

Top 5 Psychological-Horror Manga of all time
Uzumaki (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Junji Ito is the king of psychological horror manga, and his now iconic work Uzumaki has some of the scariest Junji Ito monsters and a terrifying plot. Ito is a horror genre legend who has created countless unforgettable stories of gore. Uzumaki, Ito’s most famous work, is still considered the gold standard of horror comics.

This progressive, gripping tale of madness turns spirals, which are mundane and unassuming, into a cause of anxiety and crazy. Uzumaki is a disturbing, paranoia-induced descent into insanity that beautifully exemplifies its creator’s creativity.


The horror genre is both scary and thrilling, which makes it the perfect match for the adrenaline rush we crave to stimulate our brains. Hence, we have presented you with an immaculate list of manga, aligning with this genre to send shivers down your spine.

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