Has the casting for Avatar The Last Airbender live action been accurate?

Has the casting for Avatar The Last Airbender live action been accurate

Avatar The Last Airbender has a contentious debate in the anime community, regarding if it should be considered anime or be considered a cartoon. Moving past this never-ending discussion, I am here to question if Netflix has nailed the casting for Avatar The Last Airbender live action series, which is set to release in February 2024.

The previous live action of the Avatar The Last Airbender series was a disappointment as it failed to not only represent the characters properly but also ruined the entire plot with its altercation in the progression of the story. However, the Netflix live action seems pretty promising in both these regards, as it has been pretty successful in the live action adaptations of this year.


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Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action Cast

Most of the important casting has been revealed, such as the Gaang, Zuko, Uncle Iroh, Azula, Ozai, and the Cabbage Guy. Yes, the Cabbage guy is one of, if not the most important characters in the series. His involvement in the story has increased its depth by multifold. Ahem, moving on.

Aang | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Aang: Gordon Cormier has been cast as the main protagonist of the series, Avatar Aang. It would be a lie to say that he did not match the role. He looks amazing as Aang. The innocence of the character can be seen on his face as he brilliantly acts out the nervous wreck our favorite Avatar is.
Katara | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Katara: Kiawentiio has been cast as Katara from the main Gaang and she looks just as amazing as the character. Her face has beautifully portrayed how the character would have looked in real life. It’d be hard to find someone as perfect as her to be Katara.
Sokka | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Sokka: Ian Ousley has been cast as Sokka from the main Gaang and his first impressions aren’t that good. At first glance, he feels odd as the character. But I guess that’s subjective. The actor is accomplished and will play out the role properly, however, it does not feel like Sokka in appearance.
Suki | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Suki: Maria Zhang has been cast as Suki from the main Gaang. As a beautiful Kyoshi warrior, there could have been no one better. She looks like the right piece of the puzzle, and I cannot wait to see her in action.
  • Princess Yue: Amber Midthunder has been cast as Princess Yue from the Northern Water Nation. Our favorite moon princess has been done justice. The actress will look perfect as she embarks on to become the Moon that gives water benders their might.
Fire Lord Ozai
Fire Lord Ozai | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Fire Lord Ozai: Daniel Dae Kim has been cast as Fire Lord Ozai from the Fire Nation. Everything that the antagonist demanded – the evil look, the fierce sight, the hotness – has been delivered by Daniel. The show’s about to catch on fire if you catch my drift.
Zuko | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Zuko: Dallas Liu has been cast as Zuko from the main Gaang. They couldn’t have picked anyone better. Coming in with a record of Tekken, Shang-chi, and Mortal Kombat, Dallas is going to give us the hard fight that we are looking forward to seeing in our favorite angsty boy.
Azula | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Azula: Elizabeth Yu has been cast as Azula from the Fire Nation. Her appearance in the trailer convinced me that we could not have anyone better for this crazy and maniacal character. Azula is not a character anyone could portray and the casting choice has swayed away our worries.
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Uncle Iroh: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee has been cast as Uncle Iroh and he looks as wholesome as his character. Uncle Iroh is one of the foundational characters of the series and Paul seems just like an old man who would give you advice over tea material.
  • Cabbage Guy: James Sie has been cast as our favorite character, the Cabbage Guy. The character is one of the most recurring characters in the series, and one would see him in every one of the nations. He is basically a part of Gaang.


The casting choices have been near perfect and what’s left is to watch the live action to have the final say in how successful it turns out. There are a few choices one would wish to change, however, all these actors are talented individuals who will surely ace their roles.

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