Netflix dropped Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action trailer: What can we expect?

Netflix dropped Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action trailer What can we expect

Netflix has been on the roll with adaptations this year, from video games to anime, it has touched everything. Following the success of One Piece 2023, it brings another banger to us. Avatar The Last Airbender live action has been confirmed to release on 22 February, 2021 with the latest trailer. The trailer also reveals how the characters would look, and boy oh boy, do they look promising.


In this article, I will go in-depth regarding what the live action needs to focus on and how much we can expect this adaptation to cover. Buckle up, this is going to be a walk down the nostalgia lane. To receive updates regarding the live action, subscribe to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter, which is your go-to update station for all things anime!!

Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action

Adapting the animation of the famous series, Avatar The Last Airbender, the live action seems very promising. Starting from very accurate casting to visually wonderful VFX, this one is a potential blockbuster.

Aang stuck in the Ice ball for 100 Years
The Ice Ball where Aang was asleep | Courtesy of Netflix

The story is about Avatar Aang, who had been hibernating within an ice ball for 100 years. Upon awakening, he comes to the realization that the world he used to know has gone into a frenzy with the Fire Nation declaring war on every other nation. Filled with urgency, he embarks on a journey to find who he truly is as he tries to live up to his responsibilities as an Avatar.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer revealed a lot of things to us. Especially till where the story is going to be adapted. The live action is expected to cover the following stories:

  • It will cover meeting the Kyoshi warriors.
  • It will cover meeting King Bumi.
  • It will cover the Fire Nation Prison break.
  • It will cover the Northern Water Tribe arc.
Omashu | Courtesy of Netflix

The trailer seems to hide many things. It has not been confirmed if the initial 8 episodes will cover the Northern Water Tribe arc, however, the casting for Princess Yue has been revealed so we can expect the story to reach there at the very least. It seems that Netflix has expectations of this series as it has cast for the character Cabbage Guy, who is rumored not to make an appearance during the initial 8 episodes.

Fire Bending
Fire Bending | Courtesy of Netflix

It seems that after the initial episodes Netflix will release the remainder at a later date, however, this is yet to be confirmed. Moving forward, the characters look absolutely majestic with their perfect casting. It really feels like our favorite characters have come alive, from Aang to Azula, everyone looks amazing.

The VFX seen in the trailer has eased our longing for visually appealing avatar live action fights. Fire bending never felt so swift and Air bending never felt so strong. The upcoming live action will probably set the bar high for any future action live action.


Aang and Momo
Aang and Momo | Courtesy of Netflix

The upcoming Avatar The Last Airbender live action looks very promising and simply amazing. With Netflix producing the show, it is bound to be one of a kind, as can be seen in the trailer. The characters and the fights look terrific and I cannot wait to see it on screen. How about you? Are you excited? Let us know by commenting below.

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