Phantom Troupe vs Gotei Captains: Who would win?

Phantom Troupe vs Gotei Captains: Who would win?

Phantom Troupe, the band of thieves behind many criminal activities in the Hunter X Hunter universe gave a tough fight to Kurapika and friends. With Chrollo Lucifer as their leader who could steal every ability of his opponent, and a literal psychopath like Hisoka in their team, it is safe to assume that Phantom Troupe is a pretty undefeatable team in the anime world. But will they win against the Gotei 13 captains from the Bleach? Let’s find out in this article.

Gotei Captains

Gotei Captains from Bleach
Gotei Captains from Bleach anime (Image via Pierrot Studdio)

The Gotei Captains are the pinnacle of strength within the Gotei 13, and serve as the stalwart defenders of Soul Society. They are responsible for protecting against Hollows and other threats, as each captain wields a unique Zanpakutō, a powerful Soul Reaper sword capable of manifesting various forms of spiritual power. Their expertise extends to the use of Shunpo, a high-speed movement technique that grants them a significant advantage in combat.

Phantom Troupe

Phantom Troupe from Hunter x Hunter
Phantom Troupe from Hunter x Hunter (IMage via Madhouse Studio)

On the other hand the Phantom Troupe (individually known as the Spider) from Hunter x Hunter, relies on Nen abilities for their prowess. Each member possesses unique and diverse powers, such as Chrollo Lucilfer’s Skill Hunter, allowing him to steal Nen abilities, and Feitan Porter’s Pain Packer, which converts his anger into a deadly weapon. 

  • Their teamwork is so harmonized, that during the Yorknew City arc they were able to slaughter the police force along with 2000 mafia just by themselves. 
  • They even massacred the Kurta clan despite the latter having special eyes to detect enemy movements. Phantom Troupe’s abilities cannot be underestimated.

Phantom Troupe vs Gotei Captains

A still from Bleach anime and Hunter x Hunter
(Image via IMDb)

In a hypothetical battle between the Phantom Troupe and Gotei Captains, it is very difficult to assume who would win. Chrollo Lucifer,  being the strongest of the spiders, would obviously be fighting the strongest of the Captains, I.e. Genryusai Yamamoto. 

  • However, since the captain does not have a nen based ability like Chrollo, it is likely that Chrollo would not be able to steal his power. 
  • Even if Chrollo is able to steal Yamamoto’s powers, will the Captain Commander’s Zanpakutō respond to its new master?

This question leads us to the second most powerful member I.e. Hisoka Morrow. Despite joining the Phantom Troupe with the only goal to defeat Chrollo, in this battle Hisoka would be fighting side by side with his team only to fight against the strongest possible opponents. And if Hisoka is in, Illumi is also in, which makes the Phantom Troupe stronger like bungee gum.

Who would win?

The original Gotei Captains
The original Gotei Captains (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Phantom Troupe’s diverse Nen abilities and strategic planning could initially give them an edge, but their reliance on Nen’s emotional nature could prove to be their Achilles’ heel.

  • Based on the abilities, experience, and combat prowess, the Gotei Captains would definitely win against the them.
  • They are Shinigami, the Gods of death with a unique ultimate power (Bankai) in their Zanpakutō. The combination of Zanpakutō, Shunpo, and centuries of combat experience is unbeatable against the Phantom Troupe’s diverse Nen abilities.

So, sorry to Hunter x Hunter fans but Phantom Troupe is not in fact an undefeatable group of thieves in the anime universes. 


In the end, determining a clear winner in the clash between the Phantom Troupe and the Gotei Captains remains challenging. As anime enthusiasts, we will continue to engage in vigorous debates, exploring different scenarios and outcomes. While the Gotei Captains hold the advantage in experience and tactical prowess, we cannot forget how dubious the power system in Hunter x Hunter is. 

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