Top 5 Danganronpa Executions that fans still remember

Top 5 Danganronpa Executions that fans still remember

At the core of each Danganronpa installment, be it the games or the anime, is the twisted game of life and death, where the main characters find themselves trapped in a sinister killing game orchestrated by the enigmatic Monokuma.

One of the defining elements of the franchise is the sinister, gruesome, and creative executions that befall those who are found guilty in a class trial. Let’s look at the Top 5 Danganronpa Executions that fans still remember.

Top 5 Danganronpa Executions that fans still remember

5. After School Lessons

Top 5 executions from Danganronpa
Image Courtesy of Spike Chunsoft
  • Victim: Makoto Naeigi

This execution marks the true ending of the first game and is considered to be the ‘Good’ Ending. This execution showcases Makoto trapped in a classroom-like environment on a desk moving through a conveyer belt, about to be crushed by a trash compactor.

However, the AI Alter Ego saves Makoto at the last second by hacking into it and stopping the Conveyer belt, leading to the events of the game’s finale.

4. The 1000 Blows

  • Victim: Leon Kuwata

This is perhaps one of the most gruesome and painful executions in the entire franchise that retains the essence of the Victim’s career to a sorrowing extent. Leon’s execution doomed him to a fate where he had to die getting bombarded by countless baseballs.

As the very first execution in the franchise, this stood both as a testament to the seriousness of the Killing School Life and the tone of the series.

3. Der Flohwalzer

Top 5 executions from Danganronpa
Image Courtesy of Spike Chunsoft
  • Victim: Kaedae Akamatsu

Kaede Akamatsu’s execution was one of the most unexpected moments in the entire franchise. Since she was introduced as a pseudo-protagonist of Killing Harmony, no one expected her to turn out to be the killer of the very first chapter.

Fans got to see her getting hanged atop piano keys, playing it using her own body which eventually choked and killed her through asphyxiation,

2. Please Insert Coin

  • Victim: Chiaki Nanami

This execution was a gamer’s worst nightmare. Monokuma enters a tank and starts shooting a confined Chiaki like Space Invaders. Chiaki finds an exit eventually, but  Monokuma begins to chase her in a Pac-Man-shaped machine.

Chiaki rushes into another room but hits a glass wall, becoming trapped within. Tetris blocks drop, crushing them both. As they accept their fate, the blocks align perfectly and explode in the last rows.

1. The Ultimate Punishment

Top 5 executions from Danganronpa
Image Courtesy of Spike Chunsoft
  • Victim: Junko Enoshima

This execution is an amalgamation of all the previous executions of the Killing School Life. The beauty of this particular execution lies in how it perfectly encapsulates Junko’s personality and psyche. Even though she was at death’s doorstep, Junko showed no signs of fear or resentment of any kind.

She went ahead and experienced portions from all of her previous executions with a genuine smile before being crushed to death while holding up a peace sign.


Danganronpa’s executions are a chilling reminder of both the high stakes and unforgiving nature of the killing game and the diabolical, despair-inducing cognition and ideology of Junko Enoshima, aka the Ultimate Despair. These executions not only serve to shock and unsettle the audience but also invokes a poetic commentary on the futility of human life and achievements.

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