Record of Ragnarok: Top 10 Gods who didn’t turn out to be as strong as they initially seemed

Top 10 Gods in Record of Ragnarok

The Record of Ragnarok Season 1 was released in June 2021. Every thousand years, the gods of the world—from Hindu mythology to Norse mythology—assemble to decide whether or not to exterminate humanity. The council unanimously exterminated all people in response to their collective selfishness.

Brunhilde, one of the 13 Valkyries of Valhalla, interrupts the gathering before the mandate is implemented in order to offer mankind a shot at survival and proposes the Battle of Ragnarok– a competition in which mortals go head-to-head with gods.

The pantheons of Gods are extremely powerful but the humans equally participate in the battles. Here, we are going to list out the top 10 Gods who seemed extremely strong initially but did not turn out to be that powerful.

Top 10 Gods in Record of Ragnarok who didn’t turn out to be as strong as they initially seemed

Let us now take a look at the top 10 Gods in the Record of Ragnarok who are not as powerful as we thought they would be.

10. Aphrodite

Record of Ragnarok
Aphrodite. (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)

Being one of the 12 Gods of Olympus makes Aphrodite a strong deity who is frequently referred to as the goddess of love, beauty, passion, and procreation. She essentially acts as a spectator and eye candy throughout the entire plot in that aspect, not doing much more.

Aphrodite is, in many respects, the fan service of Record of Ragnarok because of her extremely suggestive and sensual appearance.

9. Hermes

Record of Ragnarok
Hermes. (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)

In Record of Ragnarok, Hermes is the gods’ messenger, which is why he is attired as a butler. Being one among the 12 Gods of Olympus gives him considerable power. He does not, however, exhibit all of his talents in the series because he frequently serves just as the gods’ messenger. But what is certain is that his abilities are connected to telekinesis and manipulation.

8. Loki

Record of Ragnarok
Loki and Heracles. (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)

Loki has traditionally been regarded as one of the most powerful Norse gods. While he is not as strong and powerful as Thor or Odin, he is claimed to be one of the sharpest and most cunning gods in any pantheon. That’s what makes him so dangerous.

Loki aggressively challenged Buddha in Ragnarok, not even fearing the power of one of the story’s most powerful gods. That he is quite powerful in his own right and isn’t afraid of confronting an enormously powerful god.

7. Zerofuku

Record of Ragnarok
Zerofuku. (Image courtesy Graphinica Yumeta Company through Record of Ragnarok Wiki Fandom)

Zerofuku is a culmination of the Shinto Pantheon and one of the most powerful beings in the Record of Ragnarok. As he fights in the Record of Ragnarok tournament against Buddha, who has defected to the side of humanity, Zerofuku uses his heightened emotions as a source of force. And what makes Zerofuku so powerful is that he just grows stronger as he becomes more unhappy.

6. Heracles

Record of Ragnarok
Heracles. (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)
  • When you think of some of the most powerful gods in Greek mythology, it’s difficult not to think of Heracles, who is a mighty demigod with Zeus’ blood streaming through his veins.
  • He is, however, one of the gods who aided humanity during the Ragnarok war because we know he was once mortal. His 12 labors, in fact, were the most potent element of his arsenal, as he employed them as weapons.

5. Beelzebub

Record of Ragnarok
Beelzebub. (Image courtesy Graphinica Yumeta Company through Record of Ragnarok Wiki Fandom)

According to the plot, Beelzebub competed in the eighth round of the Record of Ragnarok competition. In that fight, he faced Nikola Tesla. Aside from his amazing demonic powers, he is also intelligent and talented enough in the field of medicine to reassemble Adamas’ severed bodily parts and restore him.

4. Adamas

Record of Ragnarok
Adamus. (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)

There were formerly 13 Olympian Gods. The 13th was Adamas, the Greek god of conquering, but he was easily murdered by Poseidon and was virtually obliterated from any historical record because he lacked the strength of his younger brother. His remains, however, were collected and resurrected in a new body. He was known as Adamantine in the Record of Ragnarok.

3. Buddha

Record of Ragnarok
Buddha. (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)

Buddha decided to give humanity another chance and sided with them. He is extremely powerful but witty and calm at the same time. Buddha is known for his cool fashion sense in the anime and he is going to have a fight with Zerofuku in the upcoming part 2 of Season 2. Buddha’s full strength is yet to be revealed in the show.

2. Ares

Record of Ragnarok
Ares. (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)

Ares, the Greek god of war, is a formidable warrior who, despite not taking part in the Record of Ragnarok tournament, played a crucial role in Heracles’ background. He descended to the mortal realm in the past and fought Heracles.

  • This was a great conflict, and it was during it that Ares demonstrated his immense prowess as a powerful god of war.
  • Despite of being so powerful, Ares is no match in front of Hades. It is said that Ares starts shaking hearing the name of Hades.

1. Poseidon

Record of Ragnarok
Poseidon (Image credits Graphinica Yumeta Company)

Poseidon is the king of the waters and one of the Greek pantheon’s three most powerful gods. In the Record of Ragnarok, he was the first god to be defeated by humanity, as it was his death that gave humans hope.

He was nonetheless tremendously powerful in his bout with Sasaki, as he was known to strike him with blows that were too rapid for anybody to see. Of course, Poseidon was powerful enough to effortlessly destroy Adamas with no effort.

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