Dragon Ball Super 101: Super Hero Arc Finale, is Black Frieza Next?

Dragon Ball Super 101 hint at potential Black Frieza vs. Gohan match-up

The manga adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie has recently wrapped up with its 100th chapter. The series is now gearing up for its final saga with the Dragon Ball Super 101, which will serve as an epilogue for the previous arc. Following this, our Z Fighters are poised to face off against the newly empowered Black Frieza!

Can our heroes rise to the challenge and confront this looming threat? The ultimate victor remains uncertain, and it begs the question of whether the strongest in the universe will finally unveil themselves. Let’s delve into the various possibilities for how this final arc might unfold, speculating on the potential outcomes and considering whether Toriyama has a completely different narrative twist in store for us.

Dragon Ball Super 101 Concludes the Super Hero Saga

After almost a year, Toriyama has wrapped up his manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, putting the finishing touches on his original storyline.

Gamma 1 and 2 from Dragon Ball Super: the Super Movie, adaptation of Dragon Ball Super manga
Image Courtesy: Toei Animation
  • For those unaware, the arc follows the revival of the Red Ribbon Army and a set of new androids created by the hero-crazed Dr. Hedo (Grandson of Dr. Gero/Android 20) called Gamma 1 and 2.
  • Dr. Hedo lends his expertise to the reformed Red Ribbon Army, believing the Z Fighters are out to destroy the Earth. He also creates the formidable Cell Max, who surpasses Goku and Vegeta in strength, even in an unfinished, mindless state.
  • Meanwhile, Piccolo is in a race against time to put a stop to the plans of the Red Ribbon Army, along with trying to reignite Gohan’s fighting spirit, in light of the impossible odds they are put up against in the absence of the Sayian Duo.

The arc culminates in a nostalgic showdown between a berserk Cell Max and a newly awakened Beast Gohan, who destroys his core with a well-executed “Special Beam Cannon” to the surprise of Piccolo. Now, the reinstated Saiyaman Duo, Goten, and Trunks, appear to be on the hunt for remnants of the organization, as suggested by recent official storyboard leaks for Dragon Ball Super 101, which could very well end with a tease to Goku and Vegeta’s return on earth.

Dragon Ball Super 101, Beast Gohan fires special beam cannon
Image Courtesy: Monthly Shonen Magazine

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Black Frieza vs. Beast Gohan: The Possible Showdown

The power dynamics have been shattered by Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo, as they now stand much closer to, or even potentially surpass, the current displayed power of both Goku and Vegeta in their respective Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego forms, disrupting the traditional scaling among the rest of the Z Fighters compared to the both of them.

The upcoming chapters after Dragon Ball Super 101, could very well hint at a significant character redemption for Gohan, as he finally accepts his responsibility of being not just one of Earth’s but also one of the Universe’s greatest defenders and someone who may very well turn out to be “The Strongest in the Universe” that the oracle fish keeps alluding to, and when you really think about it, a possible bout between Gohan and Frieza has always been hinted towards even back during the Namek Arc itself.

Dragon Ball Super Gohan vs Frieza
Image Courtesy: Toei Animation
  • Frieza has always been this looming force in Gohan’s memories since childhood. He is the one foe that he has never truly beaten and has always left a sense of impending dread on him whenever they encounter each other.
  • May it be during his time in Namek, when he was too powerless to stop him from killing Krillin, or the absolute fear he felt when Frieza returned to Earth seemingly alive, or the brutal humiliation he faced when he fought a revived Frieza.

Gohan vs Frieza could very well be the best plot forward after Dragon Ball Super 101 thematically, because Goku’s character arc with Frieza concluded decades ago, rendering him somewhat redundant, and while Vegeta might be a strong candidate, the narrative emphasis on “the strongest in the universe” in this final arc suggests that Gohan is the more likely contender, leaving Vegeta out of the spotlight, unfortunately.

The One to Surpass Beerus

We also cannot ignore the major narrative conclusion that will be taking place moving forward from Dragon Ball Super 101, which is whether Goku or Vegeta are finally going to surpass and beat Beerus in their eventual rematch. Why this is important for the story is because: –

  • Beerus has always been the catalyst for the progression of Modern Dragon Ball, he introduced us to this world of Gods and universes in his search for the ultimate rival.
  • Goku and Vegeta have made it their ultimate goal to one day surpass Beerus in power throughout the entire story, which is mainly the reason why they are being trained by Whis, because one of them is going to become the next likely candidate for Universe 7’s God of Destruction.
Dragon Ball Super Beerus vs Goku
Image Courtesy: Toei Animation

This battle might unfold as either an epilogue to the story or a mini-arc in between, serving as Beerus’s way to prepare Goku and Vegeta for their impending rematch against Black Frieza. It could also symbolize a passing of the torch for Beerus, marking a significant moment for his character and providing a logical conclusion to his invincible presence throughout Dragon Ball Super.


There are so many directions that the story may take after the epilogue of Dragon Ball Super 101 but with all the hints provided throughout the Granollah/Gas Arc and now the Super Hero Arc. It seems plausible to assert that the concept of the “Strongest in the Universe” is more than just a narrative device used by Toriyama, as once believed.

However, the identity of this powerful entity remains unknown. It could be an entirely new character, leaving us in suspense about the outcome of the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super. Only time will reveal the true culmination of this saga.

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