A Complete Solo Leveling Episode Release Schedule for All Regions: Your Ultimate Guide to Stay Updated

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Attention, Hunters! Are you prepared to dive into the thrilling world of Solo Leveling anime, where Jinwoo ascends from the weakest to the strongest? Gear up, because this guide unleashes the ultimate knowledge – the Solo Leveling episode release schedule for all regions!

With the release of Solo Leveling Episode 2, we eagerly await the arrival of its 3rd episode in this masterpiece that reminds us of Attack on Titan. Whether you’re a veteran Raider Guildmaster or a fresh E-Rank newbie, never miss a beat with this comprehensive breakdown.

Conquer Every Dungeon of Time: Your Ultimate Guide to the Solo Leveling Episode Release Schedule for All Regions!

The first rule of conquering Solo Leveling is understanding the enemy: time zones. Fear not, for here’s a handy table with release times for every region-

Region Time Zone Episode Release Date/Time Platform
Japan JST Saturday, 6:00 PM (Starting January 13th) Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, CBC, YTV
North America PST Saturday, 7:00 AM (Starting January 20th) Crunchyroll (1 hour after Japanese broadcast)
North America CST Saturday, 9:00 AM (Starting January 20th) Crunchyroll (1 hour after Japanese broadcast)
North America EST Saturday, 10:00 AM (Starting January 20th) Crunchyroll (1 hour after Japanese broadcast)
Europe GMT Saturday, 3:00 PM (Starting January 20th) Crunchyroll (1 hour after Japanese broadcast)
Australia ACST Sunday, 12:30 AM (Starting January 21st) Crunchyroll (1 hour after Japanese broadcast)
China CST Sunday, 12:00 AM (Starting January 21st) Medialink

Crunchyroll releases new episodes internationally one hour after the Japanese broadcast.

Mark your calendars with these upcoming milestones

Jinwoo at his first Dungeon Raid
Jinwoo at his first Dungeon Raid (Image via Crunchyroll)
  • Episode 3: Prepare for more Jinwoo mystery as episode 3 unleashes on Saturday, January 20th (PST)
  • Expect new episodes to drop every Saturday following the same time zone release pattern.

Things to keep in mind to help you stay up-to-date

A still of Jinwoo from Solo Leveling anime in Episode 1
A still of Jinwoo from Solo Leveling anime in Episode 1 (Image via Crunchyroll)
  • Stay sharp: Follow Crunchyroll and official Solo Leveling channels for sneak peeks, trailers, and release updates.
  • Connect with fellow Solo Leveling fans online to discuss episodes, theories, and your favorite Monarch moments.
  • Explore the original webtoon for even deeper dives into the Solo Leveling universe or read about whether to watch Solo Leveling in Japanese or Korean dub.

Here’s What the Solo Leveling Anime is All About if this is the First Time you’re Hearing about it

Solo Leveling Manhwa

Solo Leveling is a South Korean fantasy webtoon written by Chugong and illustrated by Jang Sung-Rak. Both the webtoon and the light novel have been adapted into an anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures, which will be premiered on January 5, 2024.

The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest hunter in South Korea, who is barely strong enough to scrape by in the lowest rank. After nearly dying in a dungeon, he is trapped in a mysterious “double dungeon” and emerges with the ability to “solo level up,” a power no other hunter has. He begins to rapidly grow stronger, taking on increasingly challenging dungeons and monsters. As he levels up, he uncovers the secrets of the “Gate” that brought the monsters to Earth and his own unique role in protecting humanity.

Solo Leveling Anime

The anime largely follows the webtoon’s main story structure, hitting key events like the double dungeon, Jinwoo’s power-up, and guild meetings. The anime has been adapted with both Japanese and Korean dubs, leaving many fans conflicted about which one to choose.


In short, you can watch this legally on:

  • Crunchyroll in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, CIS, and India.
  • Tokyo MX and other networks in Japan.

With this guide by your side, you’ll never miss a single Solo Leveling episode. So sit back with some drinks and snacks and I wish you a happy watch! Disclaimer: This guide is based on currently available information and may be subject to change. Always check official sources for the most up-to-date schedule.

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