Dragon Ball Super: Are we being led to an eventual Black Frieza vs Gohan matchup?

Dragon Ball Super Are we being led to an eventual Black Frieza vs Gohan matchup

With the introduction of Black Frieza in the Dragon Ball Super manga, speculation abounds regarding who this overwhelmingly powerful new form will face off against. Based on Gohan’s recent power-up in the Super Hero movie and the fact that Frieza basically one-shotted Goku and Vegeta, it seems like a peculiar match-up is being set up. Are we being led to an eventual Black Frieza vs Gohan matchup? Let’s find out.

Beast Gohan and Black Frieza

Black Frieza debuted at the end of the Granolah arc, easily disposing of Goku and Vegeta. His immense power poses a grave new danger, and given his hatred of Saiyans, Gohan seems a likely candidate to battle him. Gohan has taken more of a background role in recent Dragon Ball storylines to focus on his family. But fans eagerly await his return to the frontlines.

A fight against Frieza’s ultimate form would reestablish Gohan as one of Dragon Ball’s most formidable warriors. In the recent Super Hero movie, Gohan attained an awe-inspiring new transformation dubbed Beast form. This state evolved from his latent Potential Unleashed power through intense rage, much like his initial Super Saiyan 2 awakening against Cell.

Matchups in Dragon Ball Super

Dragonball Super: Super Hero Movie - where to watch?
Dragonball Super: Super Hero Movie – where to watch? [Image via Toei Animation]
The history between them makes for a compelling matchup. Frieza was responsible for events that robbed Gohan of his childhood when he killed his father Goku on Namek, unleashing Gohan’s latent power. Having Gohan defeat Frieza at his apex would provide cathartic closure.

  • Gohan unlocking his potential again to face this threat would feel nostalgic, reminiscent of his iconic bout with Cell. Goku and Vegeta have already lost decisively to Black Frieza, so another defeat risks dampening their reputations.
  • But Gohan has been absent enough that he could lose yet still appear strong against such an unstoppable foe.
  • Of course, Gohan could tap into his Beast form and achieve victory. Or in a conventional Dragon Ball style (much to everyone’s dismay) Goku and Vegeta may return stronger for a rematch.
  • Regardless, Gohan vs. Black Frieza seems a logical narrative direction. Their personal stakes would raise dramatic tension and the battle itself would be a poetic clash between two prodigies.

Frieza vs Gohan

In his Beast form, Gohan’s strength skyrocketed, effortlessly overwhelming Cell Max.

  • His fearsome appearance with crimson eyes and elongated gray hair exacerbated the bestial, unhinged nature of this form.
  • Gohan has reached frightening new heights that could rival Black Frieza. A no-holds-barred duel between them would shake the Dragon Ball Multiverse to its core foundations.

However, while we saw Beast Gohan showcase his new powers and abilities in the Super Hero movie, the true extent of Black Frieza’s powers still remains hidden.

  • Based on the events of Resurrection ‘F’ and the Tournament of Power, we can safely assume that Frieza also is a prodigy with immense potential like Gohan.
  • Both his Golden and Black forms were attained with relative ease, especially given the limited training time he had for attaining the former.


Goku and Vegeta Artwork From Dragon Ball Super Manga
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Black Frieza’s introduction kicks off a new saga filled with possibilities. While anything can happen in Akira Toriyama’s hands, an eventual showdown between this fearsome new villain and Gohan has the ingredients to become an iconic Dragon Ball battle. If executed properly, this long-awaited Gohan-centric showdown could satisfyingly elevate both combatants in spectacular fashion.

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