No Don Krieg? And other changes we might see in One Piece Live Action

Don Krieg in One Piece

One Piece Live Action Official Trailer has gathered praise and attention from fans all over the world. But one thing that stands out is Arlong’s presence at Baratie no Don Krieg. The trailer tried to cover as many characters and places as we’re likely to see. This makes the absence of Don Krieg more noticeable. 


Milton Schorr has been cast as Don Krieg so it doesn’t make sense why we didn’t see much of him. It makes one question if we’ll get to see Don Krieg or not. We might also see some other changes in the Live action. Will these changes affect the story? Read on to know a detailed explanation of the changes we might see in One Piece Live Action. 

No Don Krieg in One Piece Live Action?

No Don Krieg in One Piece cover page
One Piece cover page with characters from the Live Action | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

The casting of Don Krieg has already been done. So it’s safe to say we’ll get to see him in the series. At the same time, his role and screen time might be altered due to time constraints. They might have shortened his parts given the lack of Don Krieg in the special cover of Chapter 1088, and the official trailer

  • The presence of Arlong at Baratie indicates that Don Krieg might not be the main villain as we have seen in the manga and the anime. Or maybe Arlong is at Baratie just to take Nami back. This change may or may not be a huge deviation from the manga based on how it’s dealt with. 
  • Don Krieg and Gin are essential to portraying Sanji’s kindness. So his loss might affect Sanji’s character for fans who are unfamiliar with One Piece.

Changes in One Piece Live-Action

Arlong in One Piece Live Action
Arlong at Baratie in One Piece Live Action | Image Courtesy of Netflix

Live Action is a limited medium as compared to anime or manga. It’s not fair to expect a one-to-one live-action adaptation of One Piece. There are some changes we might see in the series. 

  • Nami joined the crew in Orange Town in the original story. The Live-action might introduce Nami sooner as we see her fighting along with Zoro and Luffy, at the place where Zoro was held captive. 
  • Sanji’s special attention to ladies will turn into chivalry. It will seem more problematic if it’s done exactly the way it has been done in anime and manga. His behaviour will be significantly toned down.
 Sanji in One Piece
Sanji in One Piece Live Action | Image Courtesy of Netflix

Garp might be present during Roger’s execution. It can be seen in the Official Trailer. We also see Sanji fighting Kuroobi in Baratie whereas in the manga the fight happens in Arlong Park. 


Merry in One Piece Live Action
A still from One Piece Live Action Official Trailer featuring Going Merry | Image Courtesy of Netflix

As long as the changes don’t deviate too far from the storyline, the live-action will be fine. As for no Don Krieg, his absence affects the story but not by a wide margin. The presence of Don Krieg, Mihawk, and Arlong might make the arc a bit chaotic, so maybe cutting down his parts was a wise decision. We’ll know for sure when the series become available to watch. 

The Official Trailer was able to fend off some of the doubts the fans had regarding the live-action post-teaser release. The casting has been the most convincing part of the live-action film so far. The One Piece live-action will set sail on August 31 on Netflix. 

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