Fate/Strange Fake: Will we see the Three Families again?

Fate Strange/Fake - Will we see the Three Families again?

With the release of Fate/Strange Fake: Whispers of Dawn, it is now quite evident that we are getting Fate/Strange Fake by the end of this year. Fans have been eager to know if the Three Families: The Einzbern, The Matou, and The Tohsaka will make an appearance.

Fate Strange/Fake : Will we see the Three Families again?
Fate/Strange Fake courtesy of @FateSF_Anime_EN on Twitter

Fate/Strange Fake Plot

After the 3rd Great Holy Grail War concluded in Fuyuki, a US-based organization used the data from the War to create their own ritual. After 70 years, in the land of Snowfield, they initiate their imitation of the Great Holy Grail War. Unbeknownst to them, the land of Snowfield ends up hosting the True Holy Grail War. With 13 Servants present from both wars, which Master will finally claim the Grail?

Who are the Three Families?

The three families include the Einzbern, the Matou, and the Tohsaka. These three families are very influential in the Mage Association, with their magecraft being refined and passed down in their long line of ancestry. They created the original ritual of the Great Holy Grail War, to recover the Third Magic that has been lost by the Einzbern. It slowly turned into a competition between the three families.

Will we see the Einzbern in Fate/Strange Fake?

Fate Strange/Fake - Will we see the Three Families again?
Illya Einzbern in courtesy of TYPE-MOON

As the recipe for the Holy Grail War gets stolen by the U.S. organization, although an imitation, the Einzbern sends their Homunculus, Filia to observe. Filia Einzbern brings Ayaka into the War. She has very little part to play, however, her actions end up influencing the War dramatically.

Will we see the Matou in Fate/Strange Fake?

Mr. and Mrs. Kuruoka, allies of the Police force, apparently had connections to the Matou Family. Although to what extent, it is not mentioned, they were able to inherit the Family’s technique of imbuing Crest Worms. They end up dying by the Fake Rider and get stuck in Doomsday Come.

Will we see the Tohsaka in Fate/Strange Fake?

Fate Strange/Fake - Will we see the Three Families again?
Rin Tohsaka in courtesy of TYPE-MOON

As the war unfolds, Servants from both the True Holy Grail War and False Holy Grail War end up clashing. Amidst all the Servants, the place of Masters of the True Rider Class ends up falling to the 30 students of Lord El-Melloi II. Among the 30 students, we will get to Rin Tohsaka. As the war continues, we will get to see our favorite tsundere back in action.

  • The last time we witnessed the Three Families in action was in Fate Stay/Night franchise, adapted by Studio Deen and Ufotable. They took center stage in the 5th Great Holy Grail War.
  • Their power is catastrophic and their influence is vast and will surely turn tables wherever present. With the release ofFate/Strange Fake, fans will be delighted to see a ton of their favorite characters in action, especially the Three Families.

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