Here’s why “Griffith” from Berserk would be an amazing Entrepreneur

Griffith from Berserk

Cruelty is an indispensable aspect of the Berserk universe. This cruel world paired up with destiny and causality gave birth to one of the best-written protagonist and antagonist duos. Guts and Griffith are similar people with different choices and different issues. Before Griffith decided to stray off to the path of evil, both of them defined the gray area brilliantly. With their fair share of good and bad, the characters became the best choices for character analysis, especially Griffith

The circumstances and his insecurities led him to become a character with a lot of depth. If we tone down the cruel nature of the circumstances and focus on his character, we might have an amazing entrepreneur at our disposal. As crazy as that sounds, let’s find out why Griffith would be an amazing entrepreneur. 

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Griffith from Berserk anime
A still from Berserk anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

An entrepreneur can be described as a person who can turn visions into reality. Entrepreneurs achieve goals through persistence and taking calculated risks. They utilize the resources present to them and make the most out of them. Entrepreneurship can be seen as a combination of hard work and smart work peppered up with luck and some investment. 

Now, if we consider Berserk as the context, destiny plays a huge role in how things turn out to be. In a way, a lot of things were predetermined for Griffith. He was always supposed to end up where he is right now. 

Why would Griffith be an amazing Entrepreneur?

Berserk anime
Berserk anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

To understand why Griffith would be an amazing Entrepreneur, we need to understand his goal first. His goal is to build a kingdom of his own and stand at the top. A utopian world where different groups live together in harmony. 

  • Griffith has checked the first box. He has a goal, a vision, which would be too far-fetched for someone who is not as ambitious in life. 
  • He takes multiple risks and makes numerous sacrifices to get to that goal. He sacrificed the Band of Hawks and his closest companions, Guts and Casca for the greater good. 
  • He is charming and can draw people towards him. This charm influences his popularity inside and outside of the manga. When he returns as a god, people worship him for presenting a solution to the problems which he created himself. This charm helps him persuade others. 


  • Even if he fumbles and gets emotionally interrupted, he always gets back on track and continues to focus on his goal. He measures and weighs things to determine their worth and if they contribute to his final goal. 
  • However you need to provide some benefit to the world in return to be a good entrepreneur. From what we’ve seen, he starts to see everything and everyone around him as stepping stones. Some necessary sacrifices to achieve the best for all, which turns out to be disastrous in reality. 
Berserk anime
Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

If we put all of these qualities into a different context, someone like Griffith or the man himself turns out to be an amazing entrepreneur. He is someone who has a goal that is intended to contribute to the greater good. He takes unusual risks and makes sacrifices and continues to be persistent about this goal.

If a man like that dedicates himself to a business idea, we need to inform Sir Bill Gates that he has got some tough competition right here. 


Guts and Griffith
Berserk anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

With that, we’ve established why Griffith would turn out to be an amazing entrepreneur. If we get back to the Berserk universe, with his immoral deeds and twisted thought process, he has managed to get to the top. He went from being an admirable character to the embodiment of everything evil. His actions can still be explained but we can’t undermine their effects. 

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