Top 5 anime that deserve a reboot

Top 5 anime that deserve a reboot

Anime adaptations of manga have become a popular medium for bringing beloved stories to life. However, not all adaptations succeed in doing justice to the original manga. Many fans are left disappointed when crucial plot points are skipped, character developments are rushed, or the essence of the story is lost in translation. In this article, we will explore top 5 anime that deserve a reboot to rectify their shortcomings and provide the manga justice they truly deserve.

Top 5 anime that deserve a reboot

1) Berserk (1997)

A still from the manga of Berserk
A still from the manga of Berserk (Image via Hakusensha)

Berserk is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. It has been serialized in Hakusensha’s Monthly Young Animal magazine since 1989. The story is about Guts, an ex-mercenary who becomes a wandering swordsman after his former mercenary group, the Band of the Hawk, is annihilated by Griffith, their former leader who is possessed by a demon.

  • Berserk, adored worldwide for its mature content, faces the problem of censoring regulations when adapted into an anime.
  • The 1997 anime adaptation of Berserk was a masterpiece, but it only covered the first arc of the manga.

Gut’s story was skillfully animated in the 1997’s version, however, its previous adaptations failed to fully capture the gritty and violent world of the manga. 

2) Soul Eater

The cover picture of Soul Eater anime
The cover picture of Soul Eater anime (Image via Bones Studio)

Soul Eater is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ohkubo. The series follows a group of students at Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), who are training to become Death Scythes, powerful weapons that can be wielded by Meisters, humans who use their souls to fight evil.

  • The Soul Eater anime adaptation covered only the first 35 chapters of the manga and was discontinued prematurely due to low ratings. The anime was criticized for its change in narrative and toning down the darkness of manga.
  • The manga is darker and more complex than the anime, and it deals with heavier themes like death, violence, and existentialism.

A reboot of Soul Eater could adhere more closely to Atsushi Okubo’s vision, ensuring well-developed characters and a consistent narrative.

3) Claymore

A still from Claymore anime
A still from Claymore anime (Image via Madhouse Studio)

Claymore is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi. It was serialized in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from 2001 to 2007, with the chapters collected and published into 27 tankōbon volumes. The story follows Clare, a half-human, half-yoma (demon) warrior who fights other yoma that have invaded the human world.

The Claymore anime adaptation was produced by Madhouse and aired in Japan from 2007 to 2008. It covered the first 50 chapters of the manga, ending with an anime-original ending.

While the Claymore anime followed the manga’s storyline to some extent, the rushed ending left fans unsatisfied. A reboot could provide a more fitting conclusion and delve deeper into the world of half-human, half-monster warriors.

4) Deadman Wonderland

A still from Deadman Wonderland
A still from Deadman Wonderland (A still from Manglobe Studio)

Deadman Wonderland follows the story of Ganta Igarashi, a high school student who gets falsely accused of murdering his entire class. As a result, he faces a death sentence and is sent to Deadman Wonderland, a privately-owned prison. In this facility, inmates are compelled to take part in deadly games in hopes of securing their release.

  • Ganta soon discovers that he possesses a rare ability called Branch of Sin, which allows him to control his blood as a weapon.
  • He must use this ability to survive in Deadman Wonderland and clear his name of the massacre.

The anime adaptation of Deadman Wonderland did not do the manga justice because it was shorter, had a less complex plot, and did not develop the characters as fully. The manga is a much darker and more intriguing story, and the anime failed to capture the same impact. Deadman Wonderland  is definitely one of the anime that deserve a reboot, that explores the darker themes and uncovers the mysteries can truly do justice to Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou’s creation.

5) Pandora Hearts

A still from Pandora Hearts anime adaptation
A still from Pandora Hearts anime adaptation (Image via Xebec Studio)

Pandora Hearts is a dark fantasy manga series about a boy named Oz who is condemned to a mysterious prison world called the Abyss for a sin he does not remember committing. In the Abyss, Oz meets a girl named Alice who is not what she seems. Alice is a Chain, a creature of the Abyss that is bound to a human by a contract.

Oz and Alice form a contract, and together they must find a way to escape the Abyss and clear Oz’s name. Along the way, they get involved in a 100-year-old conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of reality.

  • The anime adaptation, although being critically acclaimed, did not do a good job of capturing the dark and suspenseful atmosphere of the manga.
  • A new adaptation that focuses on these elements would be much more faithful to the source material. The intricate plot and stunning artwork of Pandora Hearts deserve a reboot that follows Jun Mochizuki’s manga more closely.

This would allow the series to unfold as intended, captivating audiences with its dark and mysterious atmosphere.


Anime adaptations are a bridge between manga and a larger audience. When done correctly, they can elevate the source material to new heights.  However, fans are disappointed when anime adaptations don’t live up to the expectations set by the manga.  Reboots can offer a chance to correct past mistakes and deliver an anime experience that stays true to the manga’s brilliance. This list has shown only 5 anime that deserve a reboot, however there are more such anime for you to discover.

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