Studio Eclypse’s recent trailer confirms a fan’s biggest dream: Are we finally receiving a Berserk Reboot?

Studio Eclypse's recent trailer confirms a fan's biggest dream: Are we finally receiving a Berserk Reboot?

The OG anime fans know the value of cherishing a good manga comes with the fear of a failed anime adaptation. One such seinen manga is Berserk, which is loved by many for its story and artwork since more than 3 decades. However, the Berserk reboots have often left us wanting more due to their inconsistent quality and incomplete storylines. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exciting development, explore the history of “Berserk” adaptations, and discuss what fans can expect from this potential revival.

Studio Eclypse’s exciting announcement 

Casca in Berserk reboot teaser
Casca in Berserk reboot teaser (Image via Studio Eclypse)

In an exciting development for Berserk fans, Studio Eclypse has officially kicked off pre-production for their project titled “BERSERK: The Black Swordsman.” This news has sparked immense enthusiasm among fans of the legendary manga, who have long yearned for a faithful anime adaptation of this iconic series.

Studio Eclypse, a fan-made animation studio, is initiating a project  to bring to life the neglected stories from the world of Berserk. They are committed to creating a true-to-source 2D adaptation that begins at the very beginning of the saga. This is a heartfelt tribute to Kentaro Miura’s creation, and it’s important to note that it is not affiliated with the official Berserk intellectual property.

The teaser trailer of Berserk Reboot

Recently, Studio Eclypse unveiled a teaser trailer that provides a glimpse into their interpretation of the first arc of Berserk, known as the Black Swordsman. What makes this project particularly intriguing is the collaboration between AI technology and professional artists, promising an animation that remains faithful to the original manga.

The teaser trailer has already won the approval of fans, as it showcases key elements such as Guts in intense battle scenes, the Behelit, and the character Casca. This positive response underscores the longstanding desire within the Berserk community for an adaptation that truly does justice to Miura-sensei’s masterpiece.

Awaiting more information

Behelit in Berserk reboot teaser
Behelit in Berserk reboot teaser (Image via Studio Eclypse)

While there is no specific release date available for this project, the anticipation within the fandom is palpable. Given the significant impact of Berserk and the uncertainty surrounding its future following Kentaro Miura’s passing in 2021, fans are understandably eager for any updates regarding this exciting adaptation.

The saga of Berserk

A Berserk Manga panel
A Berserk Manga panel (Image via Dark Horse Comics)

For those unfamiliar with Berserk, it is a tale set in the medieval-inspired realm of Midland. It follows the journey of Guts, a lone swordsman driven by a thirst for revenge against his former comrade Griffith, who committed an unforgivable betrayal. Along the way, Guts confronts malevolent creatures known as Apostles while embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery and questioning his true desires.

The troubled history of Berserk reboots

The 1997 Anime Series

A still from Berserk 1997 Anime Series
A still from Berserk 1997 Anime Series (Image via OLM Team Iguchi)

The first anime adaptation of Berserk was released in 1997. While it garnered a dedicated fanbase, it only covered a fraction of the manga’s story, leaving viewers hungry for more. The series’ animation quality, though acceptable for its time, is now considered dated.

The Golden Age Trilogy

In the early 2010s, a trilogy of films titled “Berserk: The Golden Age Arc” was released. While these movies offered a visually stunning retelling of the Golden Age arc from the manga, they still left fans craving a complete adaptation of the series.

The 2016-2017 Series

A still from Berserk Reboot (2016-2017 version)
A still from Berserk Reboot (2016-2017 version) (Image via
Liden Films )

Perhaps the most controversial adaptation of “Berserk” came in the form of a 2016-2017 anime series. While it continued the story beyond the Golden Age arc, the animation quality was widely criticized, with awkward 3D animation that did not do justice to Miura’s intricate artwork.

The legacy of Kentaro Miura

A Berserk Manga panel (Image via Viz Media)
A Berserk Manga panel (Image via Dark Horse Comics)

Kentaro Miura’s contribution to manga is immeasurable. His storytelling prowess, detailed artwork, and thematic depth in Berserk have earned it legendary status. The series masterfully portrays Guts as a remarkable protagonist and Griffith as a chilling antagonist.

Miura’s untimely passing left a void in the hearts of fans worldwide. However, Studio Gaga, the creative team he led, along with his close friend and fellow mangaka, Kouji Mori, are dedicated to continuing the Berserk series. Their aim is to provide a deserving conclusion to both Miura’s legacy and the passionate Berserk fandom.


The prospect of a new Berserk anime, whether fan-created or produced by a professional studio, always generates immense interest. Fans eagerly await an adaptation that does justice to Miura’s remarkable work. As we eagerly anticipate that moment, Studio Eclypse’s efforts serve as a testament to the potential for a faithful adaptation of this beloved series.

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