JJK Shibuya Arc: Explaining how Yuji has a secret brother who’s also a cursed spirit

JJK Shibuya Arc Explaining how Yuji has a secret brother who's also a cursed spirit

The JJK Shibuya Arc trailer has recently sparked a lot of discussions revolving around the Death Painting Wombs, and the character of Choso. He is a major supporting character who initially takes Mahito’s side into forming an alliance to trap Satoru Gojo. However, due to a series of clouded mysteries being revealed and the introduction of a new intervention in his life, Choso takes the side of Yuji Itadori in the Shibuya Arc.

JJK Shibuya Arc – Who is Choso and where does he fit in the narrative?

Choso is a supporting character in the JJK Shibuya Arc series. He is one of the Death Painting Wombs, along with his brothers Kechizu and Eso. He was reincarnated by Mahito as part of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings that he stole during the JJK high school fight.

Choso initially remains vengeful and aspires to avenge his brothers’ deaths. He, therefore, sides with Kenjaku’s alliance with Mahito to defeat the killers of his beloved brothers, until revelations and truths strike him in the heart.

JJK Shibuya Arc Explaining how Yuji has a secret brother who's also a cursed spirit
Choso in Jujutsu Kaisen Manga. (Image credit goes to Shueisha via Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki Fandom)
  • Choso is a soft-hearted character, who is often guided by faux-logic and manipulation. He is a very calm and quiet character who chooses to remain in the backdrop most often, which is also evident during his fight against Gojo, where he remains in the shadows and refrains from attacking the sorcerer.
  • Even though he is a half-cursed spirit, he doesn’t have an inherent desire to kill humans. Choso therefore fits in the narrative as a character who experiences a transition in a state of chaos and war, and this change brings out the humanness of a cursed spirit in the Shibuya Arc.

What is the uniqueness of the relationship between Choso and Yuji in JJK Shibuya Arc?

Choso and Yuji share a battle and fight against each other during the Shibuya incident. He chooses to form an alliance with Mahito and Geto to trap Gojo Satoru and seal him. On the other hand, Choso also declares war on Yuji for killing his brothers. But as he was fighting Gojo, he was barely able to commit himself to attacking the sorcerer, which greatly disappointed Jogo.

During their battle, Choso felt an impending death while attacking and injuring Yuji Itadori. He could visualize the death of Yuji as his own while he was about to land the final blow. This is one of the characteristics of the Death Painting Womb and his Cursed Technique, making Choso able to feel the death of his brothers. This makes him realize that Yuji Itadori is one of his distant cousins and the connection is linked to Noritoshi Kamo. This is a peculiar situation when Choso finally decides to align himself with Yuji and declares further to protect his brother.

JJK Shibuya Arc Explaining how Yuji has a secret brother who's also a cursed spirit
Choso in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

It has to be remembered that Cursed Wombs have the ability and share the ability to recognize their brothers and bloodline. Their blood manipulation allows them to share even memories and visions. Choso shared one such vision of Yuji, having a meal together with Choso, Eso, and Kechizu and appearing as one of his brothers. The special relationship that they share becomes an essential narrative digression in the Shibuya Arc.

What is the role of Kenjaku in the relationship between Choso and Yuji?

Kenjaku is Choso’s actual father and the father of the Cursed Wombs. Although it was Noritoshi Kamo who made the Death Painting Wombs, it has been revealed that Kenjaku actually controlled Noritoshi to commit those heinous crimes as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. It has also been known that Kenjaku survived by moving from body to body and at some particular time Kenjaku also controlled Yuji Itadori’s mother Kaori, which might’ve led to Yuji Itadori’s strange connection to a 150-year-old Cursed Womb such as Choso.

JJK Shibuya Arc Explaining how Yuji has a secret brother who's also a cursed spirit
Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc airing on 31st August. (Image snapshotted from Twitter)
  • Choso therefore vows to kill Kenjaku and take revenge for all of the atrocities and pain that he and his brother had to endure throughout their lifetime.
  • He also valued the familial relationship that they shared and chose to protect Yuji at all costs, making their family dynamic a unique take on the entire idea of brotherhood itself.


Yuji Itadori has a secret brother in JJK Shibuya Arc and it has been clearly revealed in the manga as well. The JJK Shibuya Arc trailer also presents us with the information that Choso will be a primary supporting character, making him an integral part of the narrative. The uniqueness of the relationship between Choso and Yuji will be interesting to follow and heartbreaking to accept, as it will present to us the emotional supremacy of love over the materialistic sub-plots that attempt to defeat it.

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