Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart

One of the most appealing aspects of anime is the sheer variety of its characters. Everyone can choose a hero to admire, cheer on, and look up to. Nonetheless, some of the most well-liked characters tend to be cute—even more adorable than the conventional anime style. With the number of anime published each season, it’s difficult to keep track of all the characters who have come and gone.

However, there are a few kawaii characters that are unforgettable and manage to touch one’s heart. In this article, we will be listing the top 10 cutest female characters in anime, of all time, who still rule our hearts!

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime

10. Aisaka Taiga from Toradora

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Aisaka Taiga from Toradora. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Aisaka Taiga from Toradora! is one of the cutest anime characters because of her tsundere nature.
  • While she is violent in most situations, garnering her the nickname “Palmtop Tiger,” she does display a lovely demeanor on occasion.
  • This is only revealed when she discusses her love interest.

While it appears like Taiga does not care much about others around her, she has repeatedly demonstrated her caring side towards her pals. Taiga may not appear very cute when she is in her typical attitude, but when she begins to talk about love, she exhibits her pleasant demeanor, and fans undoubtedly adore her facial expressions.

9. Shoko Komi from Komi can’t communicate

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Shoko Komi from Komi can’t communicate. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • While Shouko Komi from Komi Can’t Communicate is a newer character compared to others, she has quickly won the hearts of anime viewers.
  • She is extremely beautiful, garnering her the label “Goddess.”
  • Nevertheless, her appearance doesn’t seem to matter much to her fans because they tend to be drawn to her personality.

Shouko Komi suffers from a serious communication disorder. As a result, she has difficulty communicating with others. Nonetheless, she continues to do her best to improve herself. Despite her difficulties, fans like witnessing her honest attempts to connect with others. Komi gradually learns to open up and even calls others as she makes new pals.

Komi’s sincere desire to create a hundred friends makes her a lovable and endearing character. Komi, despite her difficulties, makes every effort to communicate.

8. Eri from My Hero Academia

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Eri from My Hero Academia. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Eri is one of the cutest characters in “My Hero Academia,” with an emotional backstory. She has white hair and wide, crimson naive eyes, and she is the sweetest of them all!
  • Her past is heartbreaking. She is a little girl who has suffered greatly from a young age since she possesses a rare skill that allows her to rewind time, making her a target for anyone with a malicious purpose in the show.
  • Because of her painful experiences in the past, she is guarded and scared to talk to anyone.

Deku and his team save Eri after suffering through harsh tests at the hands of Overhaul. Eri begins to recover for the first time during the U.A. School Festival, despite the fact that she is still traumatized by her past occurrences. It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with this charming character after seeing her grin for the first time during Class 1-A’s concert.

7. Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Kanna, a tiny little girl who is a dragon, is first portrayed as a rebellious girl who wants to reclaim her master from the protagonist but ends up staying with the protagonist as well.
  • Kanna, despite being a dragon, does all of the nicest things in the anime.
  • Her metamorphosis from a dragon to a human girl is priceless. Her adorable charm stems from her infantile innocence, behavior, and interest in the human world.

She has a really lovely and sensitive personality, which makes her quite appealing. Her interactions with her pals in the anime, particularly with Tohru and Kobayashi, provide both sweet and amusing moments.

6. Ushio Okazaki from CLANNAD

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Ushio Okazaki from CLANNAD. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Ushio Okazaki is Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa’s daughter.
  • She is named after her mother. Ushio looks a lot like her mother and appears to admire the Great Dango Family as well.

Ushio is more like her father, Tomoya, although she isn’t as antisocial and is a pleasant person to be around. Though she isn’t the happiest or healthiest little girl, it’s hard not to fall in love with her.

5. Rem from Re: Zero

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Rem from Re: Zero. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Any anime fan who has seen Re: Zero will agree that Rem is one of the cutest anime characters.
  • She is a demon girl who falls in love with Natsuki Subaru, the series’ protagonist.
  • Following that, she faithfully followed him and professed her affection to him, despite the fact that he was in love with another girl.

Regardless, Rem kept her tight friendship with Subaru. Furthermore, she is willing to give up her life to keep him safe from harm.

4. Charmy from Black Clover

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Charmy from Black Clover. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Charmy from Black Clover anime is one of the cutest anime girls out there.
  • She is constantly hungry and uses magic to make food. Her demeanor is like a little kid but she also has a temper.
  • She is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Black Bulls squad.

Charmy from Black Clover is the perfect mixture of adorable and fiery. I bet you cannot help but adore her throughout the show.

3. Anya Forger from Spy x Family

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Anya Forger from Spy x Family. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Anya Forger, a six-year-old intuitive, is adopted by a spy and an assassin for a mission in the anime show Spy x Family.
  • Anya’s telepathic skill, unbeknownst to her new family, allows her to learn their true identities.
  • This, however, inspires Anya to try her best for her Father’s objective, even if it does not always work out.

Anya’s lovely nature and well-intentioned hijinks endear her to both fans and Forgers. Despite her numerous errors and misunderstandings, Anya’s intentions are always good, making it impossible to dislike her. Anya’s sincere efforts to assist her father while keeping his and her mother’s identity hidden demonstrate how dedicated and hardworking, she is.

2. Megumi from Konosuba

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Megumi from Konosuba. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  •  Introduced as a side character in the beginning, Megumi is a high school student who studies in the same class as the protagonist, Tomoya and assists him in game development.
  • We eventually find that Megumi and the main character were linked before they met in school, and that bond is what made the protagonist who he is today.

Megumi possesses incredible power, which she can only utilize once per day in the form of a massive explosion spell. Megumi devotes all of her skill points to her explosion spell, making it stronger as the game progresses.

Nonetheless, fans can’t get enough of the brash Arch Wizard. Her cute attempts at betterment, as well as her genuine desire to help, make her all the more lovable as she inevitably makes Kazuma and the others’ lives worse. Megumi’s dedication and cute clothing make her one of the top isekai anime side characters.

1. Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

Top 10 cutest female characters in anime who rule our heart
Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • Nezuko Kamado was a peaceful mountain dweller until she was transformed into a demon.
  • In Demon Slayer, Nezuko fights demons alongside her brother Tanjiro in the hopes of defeating the fearsome Muzan Kibutsuji.
  • Even though Tanjiro handles the majority of the fighting, Nezuko’s great power and healing talents make her a vital asset to the Demon Slayer Corps.

Nezuko, as a demon, can modify her size. This not only allows her to fit in the box Tanjiro transports her in to avoid the light, but it also makes her exceedingly charming. Her little hands and eyes are very endearing. Small Nezuko is an adorable hero with a powerful punch.

Nezuko Kamado was already adorable, but her transformation into a demon made her much more so. With her capacity to shrink in size, Nezuko frequently transforms into a younger version of herself and does the cutest things to fascinate the people around her and her fans.


Although the list of cute anime girls who rule our hearts should be objectively inexhaustive, we have made this list exhaustive while listing the most kawaii anime characters, keeping in mind not only their appearance but their kawaii personality as well! For more anime updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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