Top 10 Happy Halloween Anime Illustrations by the Anime Industry this year listed

Halloween anime illustrations

Halloween is an extremely fun holiday for all age groups, whether you’re a youngin who likes the idea of treats or an adult who loves to play dress up. Even if you don’t have any plans this Halloween, we have a way to make your Halloween a little better with the Top 10 Halloween Anime Illustrations!

The Anime Industry made sure with their participation in the Halloween fever that we’ve something to fawn over and something to be curious about. So here are the top picks of the Halloween x Anime crossover!

Top 10 Happy Halloween Anime Illustrations (2023) 

10. Odekake Kozame

Anime Halloween
Image Courtesy of Kadokawa

We are starting light but cute with Odekake Kozame. If you’re not familiar with Odekake Kozame, it’s an anime about a little shark. Every episode has a runtime of 1 minute. The Halloween illustration for the anime features the baby shark with a Jack-o-lantern hat and a bag full of candies. 

9. My Dress-up Darling

Marin Kitagawa halloween
Image Courtesy of Square Enix

Next up is My Dress Up Darling, there’s no way Marin would miss a chance to dress up. The illustration features Marin in a beautiful Black dress. It looks like she was going for an evil witch vibe but her gorgeousness and cuteness got in the way.

Nonetheless the perfect treat for Halloween 2023. Besides Marin, the doodles on the back capture the spirit of Halloween despite being so minimal. And the best part about the illustration is un-surprisingly the Jack-o-lantern studded hat!

8. Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite Halloween
Image Courtesy of Shōgo Kinugasa and Shunsaku Tomose

Classroom or the elite didn’t stay behind to participate in the Halloween rituals. The Halloween illustration features Ayanokoji Karuizawa and Kei Kiyotaka. Both of them dressed up as one should. Ayanokoji didn’t just get into a costume but went a step ahead with the accessories.

A gothic choker and cat ears to be specific. On the other hand, Kei is the cutest witch ever. In the background, the Halloween Decoration looks quite lively and stunning. 

7. Chainsaw Man 

You’re out of touch with the reality of the anime world, if you didn’t expect Chainsaw Man on this list. However, a great way to stay in touch with the world of all things anime is the Spiel Anime Newsletter! It comes out twice every week, explores the anime world, and presents it with cool designs for the cultured fans of anime. 

Back to the Chainsaw Man Halloween Illustration, features Denji as a pirate, Aki wrapped up in band-aids, Makima as a nurse, and Power as a zombie eating cakes. Seems like she couldn’t wait for the treats. While Aki and Makima are passing on the spookiness, Power and Denji are a sight of pure goofiness. 

6. Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko Halloween
Image Courtesy of Aka Akasaka

After “certain” recent developments in the manga, any sight of the Hoshino siblings in one frame has become a nightmare in itself. The Oshi no Ko Halloween illustration features Aqua and Ruby looking like beautiful vampires. Their costumes and the color scheme of the Illustration are dramatic with lots of sparkles. Bonus points for the little candy in Aqua’s hand! 

5. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs Halloween
Image Courtesy of Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa

The poster boy of Bungou Stray Dogs has taken it upon himself to represent the anime at this Halloween Party. Dazai has bear hands and ears for the costume with a beige Boa and the mandatory band-aids.

If all these accessories weren’t enough, he put on his creepy yet adorable smile to wish us all a Happy Halloween! We were getting more than enough but everything was taken a notch higher with the spooky Halloween font and webs in the background. 

4. Sengoku Youko

We have a Sengoku Youko Halloween illustration as the Sengoku Youko anime prepares for its 2024 release. As colorful and cute as the illustration is, the creepiness slowly starts to sink in.

The characters look extremely puppet-like with vibrant colors. The little radish on the top looks infuriated as well. All the little treats are on a hunt for you. We can’t forget Jinka and his bloody hands, and Youko and her malicious gaze. 

3. Pokemon

Pokemon Halloween
Image Courtesy of Nintendo

The little devils oops sorry pokemons are all dressed up and ready to make our Halloween more exciting. Technically the illustrations are game-centric and not anime-centric but it’ll be criminal to not mention these illustrations on the list.

The illustrations feature several Pokemon like Snorlax, Raichu, Pikachu, Meowth, and the scariest angsty baby Gengar. If you’ve been feeling like you are missing out on something this Halloween, it was probably these Pokemon Halloween illustrations! 

2. Blue Lock

Blue Lock Halloween
Image Courtesy of Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yosuke Nomura

Blue Lock Halloween Illustration or the Egoween illustration is full of colours. It features the boys jumping around, creating chaos with several Jack-o-lanterns. We can see Isagi, Bachira, Ryusei, Tokimitsu, Aryu, and Zantetsu with extremely cute reindeer horns and all the other characters are also wearing warm-looking mufflers. 

You absolutely can’t miss the spirit of Ego bringing in the treats. While Barou looks spaced out, he secretly cares about Egoween. Why else would he be hanging from the roof upside down to be a part of this special illustration? 

1. Mieruko Chan

Mieruko Chan Halloween
Image Courtesy of Tomoki Izumi

Living up to the genre and its spooky content, Mieruko Chan has made it to the top of the Halloween illustrations list. Unlike the other illustrations on this list, this one is more muted in terms of vibrance. Imagine spending a day as Miko in a graveyard, none of us would survive, but that is exactly what the illustration features!

Besides Miko, there’s also Yuria, Kyousuke, and Hana with a giant Jack-o-lantern in the middle with a creepy skeleton-like candle on its top. 


With that, the anime industry brightened up our Halloween with adorable yet spooky anime illustrations. Another way to experience the spirits of Halloween is by checking out this special Halloween edition of our Newsletter. Happy Halloween to you or should we wish a Spooky Halloween?

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