Blue Lock Manga: Top 5 characters who could be the protagonist in Isagi’s place

Blue Lock Manga

The way Blue Lock manga explores every character’s individualism is admirable, never before we’ve had multiple characters who are just as good as the protagonist. Not just in our heads, but canonically too! With every match, we get a new character and explore the field through his perspective.

Although it’s hard to not mention how everything winds up in the end with Isagi’s help, in an attempt to establish his reign as the real protagonist. Can anybody except Isagi do the same thing in Blue Lock? You might get the answer pretty soon, right here! As today we’ll see who could be the protagonist of Blue Lock besides Isagi. 

Top 5 Characters who could be the protagonist in Isagi’s place in Blue Lock Manga 

5. Shoei Barou

Shoei Barou Blue Lock
A still from Blue Lock anime featuring Barou | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Barou is the king, he exudes the main character energy every time he’s in the focus. He has a vibrant personality, the shades he offers on the field and off the field have such a stark contrast.

  • Every time the conversation turns to football, he transforms into a snob.
  • He is the perfect balance of confidence and self-awareness.

It’ll be quite a journey to see how he evolved into his present self and where does his love and dedication for football stems from. All of this makes him the perfect candidate for being the protagonist of Blue Lock manga. 

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4. Oliver Aiku

Oliver Aiku Blue Lock
Introduction of Oliver Aiku in Blue Lock Manga | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Aiku is an interesting character as well as a perspective to perceive the world of Blue Lock. His personality screams intellectual inner monologues. He can help us transcend into a world still unknown as the defender. Not just that Aiku has a depth that extends beyond football, which is truly rare in Blue Lock. He can adapt to his surroundings and assist but also can step in as a lead when necessary. 

3. Jinpachi Ego

Ego Blue Lock
Ego in Blue Lock anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Similar to Aiku, Ego’s perspective will be an extremely fresh one. We create and perceive the world of Blue Lock along with him.

  • He has valuable insight as a result of his past.
  • His guidance and ruthlessness have shaped all the characters phenomenally.
  • They get to share a field with the best football player, Noel Noa. None of this would have been possible without Ego. 

A parallel can be drawn between Ego and Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen in this respect. Similar to how Gojo has a personality that outshines the protagonist, making him the face of Jujutsu Kaisen. Ego exhibits similar potential with some cynicism sprinkled in there. 

2. Bachira Meguru

Bachira Blue Lock
Bachira Meguru | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Bachira has a demon within himself, he knows his shortcomings, he puts up a strong front, and has a never-ending desire to evolve into his better version. All of that screams Shonen Protagonist.

  • Not just that but he shares a light-hearted dynamic with a lot of his co-players in Blue Lock.
  • He knows how to build connections. He was able to forge relationships with characters like Rin, who are as taciturn as they come. 

Additionally, Bachira is a fun-loving soul who knows how to keep things fun. Making the emotional and more serious moments hit harder than they are supposed to. 

1. Rin Itoshi

Rin Itoshi Blue Lock
Rin Itoshi in the match against Isagi and Nagi | Image Courtesy of Studio 8-bit

While Rin perfectly fits the mold of the rival character, he’s also a great fit to be the protagonist. His values are deeply rooted in a sense of vengeance, at the same time, not really. He has a goal to defeat his brother and reinforce the bond they shared as kids. He fights with a strong end goal. And plenty of room to learn.

His character development graph will not only be the most interesting but also full of surprises as well. Having Rin as the protagonist and Isagi as the rival will present a complete switch in how we perceive Blue Lock.


 We’ve already gotten a glimpse of how having a different protagonist will turn out in Blue Lock with Episode Nagi. As great as Nagi and the characters on the list are, they lack something quite significant. They lack the power of cringe and a love for puzzles. No, they cannot bind things together the way Isagi does.

Isagi is the perfect mix of teamwork and egotism. He knows how to juggle between the two. He is the thread that connects everything, the way he connects Blue Lock with our hearts! Does he, though? Let us know your answers in the comments!

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