Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead – Release dates of the upcoming Episodes

Akira Tendou

With wonderful animation, top-tier voice acting, and an engaging plot, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead became a highlight of Summer 2023. Every episode brought a wave of happiness along with some brief hard-hitting moments. Due to some production issues, this nier-perfect (pun intended) show has been facing several delays in the release schedules. 

The delays are not a matter of joy but the episodes that come out have been consistent in terms of quality. There’s a genuine progression of the storyline too. There’s an update on the release schedule of the upcoming episodes of Zom 100. This article will cover the updated release dates of the anime. 

Zom 100: Release dates of upcoming episodes

Zom 100 upcoming episodes
Fans when Zom 100 episodes come out | Image Courtesy of Studio Bug Films

The anime started airing on July 9th, 2023, becoming one of the most popular shows of Summer 2023. Naturally, an anticipated one as well. Here are the release dates of the upcoming Zom 100 episodes:

  • Zom 100 Episode 6: Sunday, August 27
  • Zom 100 Episode 7: Sunday, September 3
  • Recap Episode: Sunday, September 10th
  • Zom 100 Episode 8: Sunday, September 17
  • Zom 100 Episode 9: Sunday, September 24
Akira and Kencho
A still from Zom 100 anime | Image Courtesy of Studio Bug Films

During the one-week break between episode 7 and episode 8, there’ll be a recap episode on September 10. As for the remaining episodes of this season, there hasn’t been any official confirmation. The release dates for the remaining episodes will be announced later. 

As for the streaming platforms, in South Asia and Southeast Asia, the series is licensed by Muse Communications. The fans can head over to the official YouTube channel of Muse Asia and enjoy all the episodes there. Crunchyroll along with Hulu and Netflix has also made the episodes available for selected regions. 

The story so far

Akira Tendou
Akira working on his Bucket List of the Dead | Image Courtesy of Studio Bug Films

We started with Akira’s enthusiasm to work in his dream industry which turned into a nightmare because of the terrible working conditions. Nothing could save him from his job up until the life-changing Zombie apocalypse. While people feared to step out, Akira zoom-zoom-ed on his bike to fetch beer. This game of adventures(which is a life and death situation) and his desire to do everything he couldn’t do before led him back to his best friend Kencho. 

And like any other good friend, Kencho joined Akira in his days of madness. Together the two friends found an LED TV to play games on and managed somewhat of a date with flight attendants. It seems the duo will turn into a trio with Shizuka. But knowing her, will she give in to the reckless ways of Akira or will she knock some sense into our boys?


Shizuka Zom 100
Shizuka’s first appearance in the Zom 100 anime | Image Courtesy of Studio Bug Films

This is the first major show of Studio BUG Films and the booking of TV slots happens way ahead before the show airs. Also the production process and the working culture pitch in to obstruct the otherwise smooth sail. The constant delays put Zom 100 in a risky position, where the fans might lose interest because of the disruptions. 

At the same time, Zom 100 offers a lot to stick around for. From the moment the episode starts with the banger opening theme from Kana-Boon to the preview of the next episode, Akira makes us all have the times of our lives. 

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