Demon Slayer Season 4: how vast is the Infinity Castle?

Demon Slayer Season 4: how vast is the Infinity Castle?

The Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer is the domain of the Biwa Demon Nakime and her Blood Demon Art. It is the lair of the Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji and the battle location of the Infinity Castle Arc. The domain is an infinite space that exists across various dimensional spaces. It can be called a multi-dimensional reality or an extra-dimensional infinity.

The Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer – how large is the domain in space?

The Infinity Castle is a vastness that extends beyond any recognition. It is made up of endless wooden rooms and corridors. The gravitational anomaly in this space allows demons to stand upright in any direction and the Blood Demon Art of Nakime, the Biwa Demon controls the entire force.

The structure also shifts and changes shape according to her will and with one stroke of her Biwa, she can shift any entity within the confinements of this space to any desired location.

The Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer is largely undefined and unexplored, owing to Nakime’s Blood Demon Art. Infinite space exists in a multi-dimensional realm and therefore has practically no end to it. Moreover, the layout and the structure of the space constantly keep shifting, giving it an infinite scope for alteration.

How does the Biwa Demon control the Infinity Castle?

Nakime is the Biwa Demon and the Infinity Castle result from her Blood Demon Art. She can manipulate everything about the castle and also the position of any being inside these premises which fall under her range.

With a stroke of her Biwa, she can close and open doors to multiple realities and constantly close them on any being. She possesses the power to limit and expand anybody’s scope inside these premises.

Demon Slayer Season 4: how vast is the Infinity Castle?
The Garden Castle within the Infinity Castle. (Image courtesy of Ufotable)

The space has a warped gravitational pull, which is controlled by Nakime. The structure she has prevents sunlight from entering and gives Demons inside the power to reside even during the daytime.

Moreover, it has different dimensions inside it, including infinite stories, an ornate garden palace, high towers, and much more. Nakime also has the ability to teleport anybody anywhere, if the location is known to her, which need not be inside the castle premises.

How does the vastness of the castle affect the battle of the Infinity Castle Arc?

The Infinity Castle Arc is the final arc of the Demon Slayer storyline. During this war, various significant battles were fought in the Infinity Castle. These included the following list of battles:

  • Upper-Rank Two Doma vs Shinobu, Kanao and Inosuke
  • Upper-Rank Three Akaza vs Tanjiro and Giyu
  • Upper-Rank One Kokushibo vs Muichiro, Genya, Sanemi and Gyomei
  • Upper-Rank Six Kaigaku vs Zenitsu
  • Upper-Rank Four Nakime vs Mitsuri and Obanai
Demon Slayer Season 4: how vast is the Infinity Castle?
Upper-Rank Three Akaza in the Infinity Castle. (Image courtesy of Ufotable)

Before this battle, the Demon Slayers also clash with Muzan and Lady Tamayo drugs him to weaken his regeneration and senses, after which Nakime drops everyone into separate rooms.

But after Muzan killed Nakime, the Infinity Castle grew unstable and the structure ultimately collapsed, causing the Demon Slayers and Muzan to battle outside in an open space.


The Infinity Castle is the headquarters of all Muzan’s operations. It is where all major meetings take place and it is where the Twelve Kizuki gather.

The vast infinity allows Muzan to have complete control and his will dictates all of Nakime’s actions. Muzan and the Demon Slayers spend a considerably long battle period in the confinements of this endless space.

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