Demon Slayer The Roar of Victory: Release Date + Additional Information

Demon Slayer

Ufotable has left its fanbase on edge after the sudden release of a teaser for the upcoming 5th season of their widely popular anime Demon Slayer. While the teaser itself has not showcased any animation worth discussing, it confirmed answers to a few of the many questions the fanbase has been clamoring for.

The plot of Demon Slayer The Roar of Victory

The story of Tanjiro and his crusade against the demons has passed through many character-defining arcs and challenges throughout the previous seasons. While these experiences have truly strengthened his resolve to incalculable levels, he still can’t keep up with his lack of strength for the challenges that are yet to come, which leads us to: –

Demon Slayer Hashiras
Image Courtesy: Ufotable
  • This motivation to get stronger is going to serve as a backdrop for Demon Slayer season 4, as Tanjiro and his teammates decide to go through Tsuguko-level training under the many Hashira to be able to compete with the far stronger upper moons like Akaza.
  • This arc will be a much-needed refresher from the typical Demon Slayer format, as it will not be a case of external odds and conflict but instead, it will provide them a moment of introspection and much-needed fortitude training for the horrors they are about to face against the remaining upper moons and Muzan himself in the Infinity Castle.

We would like to temper the expectations of fans, who rightfully expect this season to be much more grandiose than the last due to the track record set by Ufotable’s exceptional production. But rest assured for this is only a pit stop before the start of the true ordeals in which our characters will find themselves eventually.

Tanjiro vs hantengu
Image Courtesy: Ufotable

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Demon Slayer The Roar of Victory release date?

We have been calling this a teaser for Demon Slayer The Roar of Victory, but that would technically be wrong because this is indeed going to be a theatrical movie release in much the same vein as the previously released “To The Swordsmith Village Movie”

  • “Demon Slayer: To the Hashira Training” is set to be an extended special lasting over an hour. This special will serve as a bridge connecting the concluding episodes of Season 4 with early scenes from the sequel.
  • Its purpose is to provide a recap of the recent events in the storyline while offering a sneak peek into the upcoming developments.
  • It will also be the catalyst for creating a much-needed hype train behind the release of this season, thus the studio will be focused on providing the best first impressions.


As for the details regarding its release, quite a bit has been revealed in the upcoming weeks of its reveal such as: –

  • The special theatrical screening will take place on February 23rd in more than 140 countries worldwide as part of the Demon Slayer World Tour special event, scheduled to commence sometime in Winter 2024.
  • Fans can expect to enjoy the movies with the presence of the show cast if they attend the special screenings, which will be held during the tour.
  • The proper Demon Slayer The Roar of Victory has also been revealed to be a spring 2024 release, according to the information provided by the promotion reel and the cast interview that follows afterward.
  • As for how many episodes the season will be, we can make a simple conjecture with their release pattern and determine that it will be around 10 to 12 episodes depending on how they will be able to stretch such a relatively short arc in the story. This could very well be Ufotable’s first attempt at proper Demon Slayer fillers.


The Demon Slayer anime is almost nearing its end, with only 2 major arcs left to be adapted from the manga after the release of The Roar of Victory. For many, this would be a journey they would feel disheartened to part with, due to the many beloved characters and the ludicrously good production that has followed this anime from the start. Regardless of its current outlook, Demon Slayer will be leaving quite the legacy once it ends.

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