Here’s All the Anime coming to Crunchyroll that was announced in Anime Central 2023

Here’s All the Anime coming to Crunchyroll that was announced in Anime Central 2023

Boasting a large library of anime titles, Crunchyroll is a famous subscription-based streaming service that offers on-demand anime, manga, dorama, and other Asian media. It is one of the largest anime streaming services in the world, with over 120 million registered users and 10.7 million paying subscribers, which makes it a trendsetter for many new animes that are newly released.

Recently, all the anime coming to Crunchyroll that was announced in Anime Central 2023 have been making the rounds in social media as they feature some animes that fans were anticipating for a long time. Here’s the Spring lineup for this year-

All the Anime coming to Crunchyroll that was announced in Anime Central 2023

7. Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3

Airdate: July 2023

This legendary anime made a hit with its first two seasons and the third season is sure to garner the same response. The story revolves around Kazuya Kinoshita, a heartbroken college student who decides to rent a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara because he was feeling lonely. As their pretend relationship progresses, Kazuya ends up falling for Chizuru which complicates their arrangement and opens a floodgate of misunderstandings, young love, and Chizuru’s own past.

6. The Great Cleric

Airdate: July 2023

Just as he was about to bag the promotion of his dreams, a regular employee gets killed and is reincarnated in another realm as a fifteen-year-old healer by the name of Luciel. There’s more than one problem, the country he was born into seems to hate healers, his training is much harder than he expected, and he’s force-fed a mysterious drink called “Substance X”. Will this reincarnated healer be able to survive in this new world or will he meet the same fate as in his last life?


Airdate: Unannounced

Sometime in the future, self-driving electric cars have taken over and internal combustion engine-based cars seem to have become a thing of the past. Not quite as a racing circuit known as MFG, is gaining momentum for its races featuring engine-based cars.

Enter Kanata Livington, a 19-year-old Japanese-British racer, who comes to Japan to take part in MFG and find his missing father, Ken Katagiri. He soon takes the MFG world by storm as he makes it to the top 15 while racing top-tier supercars, earning him a spot among the top. Join Kanata’s journey as he competes in the fast lanes of the race and his own life to fulfill his dreams. 

4. I Shall Survive Using Potions!

Airdate: Unannounced

Kaoru Nagase gets caught up in a mysterious phenomenon and dies when returning home from work only to end up in a younger body and the ability to create any potion she wanted in another world. She must now use her knowledge of potion brewery to survive in this new body.

3. I’m in Love with the Villainess

Airdate: October 2023

A normal office worker Rei Oohashi wakes up one normal morning to find out one not-so-very normal thing. She is Rae Taylor, the heroine of her favorite otome game, Revolution! Surrounded by flower boys may be most girls’ dreams but not Rae because she has her eyes set on the villainess, Claire François.

Unused to being the object of affection being the villain, Claire is left confused by Rae’s endless onslaught of love. Will Rae be able to convey her feelings and melt the heart of the stoic villainess?

2. Horimiya: The Missing Pieces

Airdate: July 2023

A global sensation, the first season of Horimiya instantly garnered millions of views and the second season is here to live up to the hype. The story follows the lives of two high school students, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, who lead seemingly ordinary lives at school but have hidden sides to their personalities outside of the classroom. When their paths cross unexpectedly, they discover each other’s secrets and form a deep bond.

1. Am I Actually the Strongest?

Airdate: July 2023

Another victim of Truck-kun, a shut-in is reborn into another world with the promise of a peaceful life. But it turns out to be anything but that at first as his parents abandon him in the forest to be devoured by monsters for being born with weak magic. However, his magic actually turns out to be inhumanly strong and he falsely starts his life as the Demon King.

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