How different would the story be if Doflamingo and Aizen swapped places?

Doflamingo and Aizen

In the Shonen World, there’s no dearth of good titles, but three anime rose to the heights of popularity to become the “Big Three”. They’ve contributed to the list of best characters, epic fights, mind-blowing reveals, and best villains.

Villains have evolved to become such compelling characters with their unwavering motivation and confidence. While most villains could be compared to one another, either based on fierceness or their evil intentions. Two villains in the Big Three stand out for being opposites,  Doflamingo and Aizen.

Doflamingo in Dressrosa
Doffy vs. Luffy | Image Courtesy via IMDb

One uses his wisdom to get things under his control, while the other gets a rush by using it to create chaos. If they swap places in their respective stories, how would it impact the turn of events? Let’s find out by weighing in everything we know about Doflamingo and Aizen. 

Doflamingo and Aizen Character Analysis

Aizen Sosuke
Aizen from Bleach | Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

To understand how the story of One Piece and Bleach would change if Doflamingo and Aizen swapped places, we need to know what the two characters stand for. 

  • Aizen is a mastermind who calculates everything beforehand, he believes in keeping things under wraps as we have seen in the Soul Society arc. On the other hand, Doflamingo is ruthless. He’s evil and outspoken about it. He’s also reactive and impulsive. 
  • Aizen is stronger than Doflamingo. Ichigo couldn’t kill him and also lost his powers, Soul Society had to seal him as there wasn’t a way to defeat him. 
Donquixote Doflamingo
Doflamingo in Law’s Flashback | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Doflamingo is self-aware and his justice IQ is one of the highest. He understands the gravity of his actions. Aizen has an air of delusion and believes that his actions have good intentions at their root. 
  • Aizen is a person who needs to be defeated while actions are the menacing factor when it comes to Doflamingo. 

Aizen in One Piece

Image Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

From the moment we were introduced to Doffy to his downfall in Dressrosa, Aizen holds the power to switch it all up. He’d fall under the same category as Mihawk or Crocodile to some extent. There’ll be an air of suspense with Aizen even in One Piece

  • Jaya

His interaction with Bellamy in Jaya would be kinder as compared to Doffy. This interaction is also the reason why the viewers would be compelled to believe that he’s someone good and kind. 

  • Marineford War
A still from Marineford Arc | Image Courtesy via IMDb

 In the war, his contribution would be similar to that of Boa and Mihawk. He’d have fought the commanders of Whitebeard. His allegiance to the World Government would be more apparent as well. Doffy had his Celestial Dragon status to get away with his criminal actions, even though he was always problematic.

Conversely, Aizen would remain on good terms with the World Government to carry out the Smile businesses without any problems. To the world, Aizen would just be a kind, smart, and efficient Warlord. 

  • Dressrosa and Wano
Aizen and Shinji
Aizen against Shinji | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The World Government knew what Doflamingo was up to, his status as the Celestial Dragon held them back from taking any steps against him. With Aizen, they won’t have any way to find out. Unlike Doffy, everything he will do in Dressrosa would remain a secret up until the point when the Strawhats arrive there. They would be the first to realize the identity of the toys and the Smile Business.

But in Dressrosa, Luffy managed to defeat the warlord after completely exhausting his strength. He would not be able to defeat Aizen in Dressrosa. The Strawhats would exit Dressrosa like Whole Cake Island. They save the people but don’t face off against the final boss, Aizen.

Sosuke Aizen
Aizen in Bleach Manga | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

This would lead them to Kaido. Saving people would affect Kaido’s plans. Aizen would have to make it up to Kaido somehow. This will lead us to Wano eventually where the Strawhats along with Kid Pirates and Heart Pirates defeat Big Mom, Kaido, as well as Aizen.

Doflamingo in Bleach

Baby Doflamingo
A still from Doflamingo’s flashback | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Doflamingo is a menace to the world of Bleach. The closest a Bleach character can come to Doffy’s madness is Zaraki. Even he appears civil when compared to Doffy. 

  • Soul Society Arc

From the get-go, Doffy would be a threat to the Soul Society. His unpredictability is something that makes him more threatening than Aizen. The suspense in the Soul Society was the key factor that progressed the story. With Doffy, just forget about the suspense. Some arc or some trigger will be needed to lead us to the Arrancar arc. 

  • Arrancars arc/Hueco Mundo
Donquixote Doflamingo | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The Arrancars were scared of Aizen, but still, they fought for him. Doffy is the Vin Diesel meme when it comes to the relationship he has with the Donquixote family. If he extends the same security to the Arrancars, they’d be loyal to him and fight for him with all they’ve got. The Arrancars would be much more powerful under him than they were with Aizen. 

The Soul Reapers had a hard time defeating the Arrancars. Under Doflamingo things would transpire more violently. The damage he will do to Soul Society will overreach Aizen’s impact. It’d be perfect if he gets matched up against Zaraki or Byakuya. 

  • Thousand-Year Blood War
Sosuke Aizen
Aizen from Bleach Manga | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Once again, Aizen’s appeal comes from the air of mystery that surrounds him. Even in TYBW, his intentions and his advent were enigmatic to their core. As for Doffy, he would have the most fun in the chaotic state Yhwach put the world in. The state of Soul Society would be the best source of entertainment for him.


To sum it up, both Doflamingo and Aizen would wreck the world of Bleach and One Piece all the same. They were born to threaten world peace, doesn’t matter if the inhabitants are Soul Reapers or Pirates. 

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